Dec 14

How To Use Tablet Rentals To Effectively Connect With Your Customers

‘Tis the season to be jolly. As a business owner, it’s also the season to rack up the zeros in your bank account. The holiday season can bring many opportunities in which to profit if you are smart about it.


Running a business, no matter what it is, is all about making sure your customers are happy. What do your customers want? It’s your job to figure that out. If you can’t do that, then one of your competitors will. And if you aren’t using the latest tools and techniques then someone else is.

Right now, tons of businesses have been using large quantity tablet rentals to distribute to their employees and use them to aid the company in figuring out what their customers want and expect.


If your employees are equipped with an iPad, or some type of computing technology, it is very easy to give customers quick surveys that they can take on the tablet. These surveys can be anything you want them to be. You can get some insight on how your customers experience was while they were shopping with you, or what type of products they are looking for, if they found the products they were looking for, anything you can think of, really. This can be a huge opportunity for you because your business can use the information you gather to give them exactly what they want. Giving people what they want means that you get what you want as well: profitable business.


Rentacomputer.com is a company that offers large quantity tablet rentals, as well as any other technology you can dream of, nationwide and at a very reasonable and competitive price. The company can get you set up with just a few days notice, and all of your tablets will be  set up with the latest operating systems and software available. Don’t miss your opportunity to take advantage of the most expensive season of the year.


Dec 14

Facebook Is Considering A Dislike Button, Would You Use It?

For a long time, there have been people complaining that there wasn’t a “dislike” button on Facebook. For a while it seemed like it was all anyone on social networking sites were talking about. I’m not sure if it started out as a joke or not, but it escalated into a serious matter pretty quickly.


Last week, Mark Zuckerberg himself said that Facebook was actually considering adding the dislike button to the site.

This could be a good thing. People could use the dislike button to express their concerns for sad sappy statuses that their friends post in order to offer them some sort of emotional support. It could also be a fun way of teasing your friends I suppose.

On the business side of things, a dislike button could also be quite useful. It’s just another engagement brands can have with their consumers. A dislike button could help mark a post offensive, uninteresting, or that they just plain don’t care for the product.

The down side is that we all know it wouldn’t be used for just that. Over the past few years, internet bullying has become one of the main issues that we hear about on a regular basis. Internet “trolls” are all over the place and just waiting to make someone’s day a little bit worse. In my personal opinion, this is just going to be one more way that people will be able to use to make others feel terrible about themselves. Instead of getting 100 “likes” on your selfie, can you imagine getting 100 “dislikes”? Especially for young people, that would be devastating. Not to mention, when you are a business trying to promote your product, you don’t want any dislikes showing up on anything you post. Maybe there should be a way for businesses to be able to hide dislikes, if that is the case.


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Zuckerberg has expressed his concern on this issue, and he said that he didn’t want it to become a way for users to shame other people on the website.

The Facebook CEO said a dislike button would make sense for instances when users wanted to express themselves but didn’t feel comfortable using the like button.


This could be a very real thing that will happen, though everyone at Facebook says not to expect any changes coming in the near future.


Dec 14

To Drink Or Not To Drink, That Is The Company Party Question

An office holiday party has a 50/50 shot of being either really awesome or really terrible. The end of the year is a perfect time to reflect on your company’s success over the past year and is also a perfect opportunity to show your employees that you care about them. Everybody loves a party and it’s always nice to see the people you work with outside of “work mode” and even get a chance to meet their significant other. Holiday parties can be a lot of fun but the biggest question that most business owners always consider is the bar policy. Should it be an open bar? Should employees have to pay? Should there even going to be alcohol at all? All of these are serious questions to consider because nothing can turn a great night into a catastrophe quicker than a little too much of that holiday eggnog.

There are pros and cons to having an open bar at your holiday party, but a lot of it depends on your staff and what type of company you are. Are you a small business that has a tight-knit group of employees or are you a Fortune 500 that made billions in revenue this year? Regardless, every holiday party needs some type of festive cheer so let’s get into the pros and cons of open bars.

78187539Open Bar

Nothing shows your employees that you appreciate them more than unlimited access to alcohol (aside from maybe a Christmas bonus, that is). Having an open bar could boost morale and team unity heading into the new year, getting your company off on a good start.

In addition to that, having an open bar gives your employees a chance to mingle more and potentially become closer to other people in the office that they may not talk to on a daily basis. Alcohol loosens inhibitions so who knows, maybe an open bar makes everyone in the office best friends afterwards.

An open bar also shows your employees that you trust them. By not limiting their alcohol consumption with making them pay for it you are telling them that you consider them adults and trust them to make good, adult choices. There are few things that employees like more than knowing that their higher ups have complete trust in them.

No Open Bar


There are two sides to every coin so let’s talk about some of the cons to having an open bar. For starters, an open bar can be expensive and if you are a small business you may not be able to financially afford to have a fully open bar at your holiday party.

A lot of holiday parties are not optional, or at least you are heavily encouraged to attend. Forcing employees to come to a party and then forcing them to pay for drinks could cause dissent among the ranks. Your employees could perceive you as cheap or stingy and, as a result, be less inclined to have a positive attitude in the work place, decreasing productivity.

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Just like having an open bar shows your employees you trust them, it can also get out of hand. There’s nothing worse than a room full of drunk people getting angry and trying to fight each other. Bob from accounting hates the way Sharon from personnel treats him in the office? Well everybody is going to find out about it at the party because Bob had one too many drinks.



Obviously there are pros and cons to having an open bar and the real decision to have one or not depends on your company and your employees because no two companies are the same. If you decide to forgo the open bar for whatever reason there are other options that are available that can make your holiday party just as fun so don’t be afraid to get creative and always remember to show appreciation for everyone in your company because every single person there helps the company function.

Dec 14

Technology for the Biggest Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is the biggest auto show in all of North America even bigger than the North American International Auto Show just outside of Detroit.

The show is held every February at the McCormick Place Convention Complex in Chicago, Illinois. It’s been around for a long time too, the first one was held in 1901!

Currently the show is produced by the Chicago Automobile Trade Association (CATA) is the nation’s oldest and largest metropolitan dealer organization. The CATA has produced the Chicago Auto Show since 1935.


  • Public Show:  Saturday, Feb. 14 through Sunday, Feb. 22
  • First Look for Charity:  Friday, Feb. 13, 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. Black tie.
  • Media Preview:  Thursday, Feb. 12 through Friday, Feb. 13.

There is a ton of space available (over one million square feet) at the show as well to let the different manufacturers do whatever crazy things they can dream up with their exhibit space. Chrysler and Pontiac both have hosted free concerts at their exhibits. Toyota created and indoor experimental ride course and invited attendees to ride along on crazy test drives. Needless to say, the show is absolutely huge fun, there are a ton of people, a ton of amazing things going on, and a ton of opportunities for you to make the most out of it as a business person.

You can rent dual 46″ floor standing monitors to run your promo clips, like this one from Displays2go.com, you’re going to catch a lot of eyes. Especially if  your product demos are already cool. Not even just for this event, but good high quality monitor rental is always going to be a good, smart investment at any type of show or convention.

Tickets are available at our McCormick Place ticket booths on public show days or online at https://www.chicagoautoshow.com/tickets/. (Online tickets available now. Show box office closes one hour before the show closes.)

  • $12 for adults
  • $6 for seniors aged 62 and older
  • $6 for children 7-12
  • Free admission for children 6 and younger when they accompany a paying adult. Family members only.
  • Weekday discount coupons ($6 off the regular adult admission) available at various area new-car dealers. Participating banks also mail the discount tickets to their account holders.
  • School & group discounts available.


All Chicago Auto Show exhibits are held in the McCormick Place complex.  Exhibitions include: multiple world and North American introductions; a complete range of domestic and imported passenger cars and trucks; sport utility vehicles; and experimental or concept cars.  In total, nearly 1,000 different vehicles will be on display. Additionally, attendees will also have the opportunity to see numerous accessories and auto-related exhibits, competition vehicles and project, antique and collector cars. Source: http://www.chicagoautoshow.com/about-the-show/


Another thing exhibitors might want is several tablet computers like iPads. Get your staff to go out into the crowd with iPads and survey attendees and other exhibitors! Also you can use the iPad to show off new products on a more personal basis when all your large screen displays are in use. Having staff that will personally assist attendees and show answers to questions right away instead of having to wait for a large display monitor could be the difference between someone walking away from a busy booth to capturing another good lead.

Tablets and iPads are a great way to accept credit card payments at the show too.


Dec 14

12 Things that Rentacomputer.com Does Better

State-of-the-Art Laptop and Tablet computer rentals, large display monitors, projectors, copiers, printers, network servers and more can be delivered to your place of business within hours of your phone call, email, text message, tweet, post or other prearranged communication method.

Tech Travel Agents have access to more technology than any single computer rental company in the world.

Tech Travel Agents can and will get the technology that you need, and have it configured, delivered, installed, tested and picked up after the event. All this at a price that is very competitive.

Tech staff  can be on hand at all times throughout your event providing help to instructors and users regarding anything about the hardware rented.

Services provided by Rentacomputer.com and its affiliates:

  1. Access to the largest inventory of rental technology than any other computer rental company.
  2. Configuration services we install hardware, software or other device during the ‘get-ready’ period of the rental.
  3. Bench testing and retesting all hardware to minimize failure in the field.
  4. Special hardware packing prior to shipping ensuring all equipment will arrive scuff free and undamaged.
  5. Fast Delivery service to event, office or home.
  6. Convention Center Dock to trade show booth delivery service
  7. Truck to event delivery service
  8. On site hardware installation, booting and testing.
  9. On-Site technicians and installers during your event.
  10. Direct phone numbers of Tech Travel Agent and others involved with your rental
  11. 24 hour Phone support available.
  12. Delivery to over 1000 cities worldwide.

These are 12 things that Rentacomputer.com does better than any other single rental company. Some companies boast at having a few locations, Rentacomputer.com has over 135 affiliate locations with hardware warehouses and over 1000 tech staff available to install and support our vast hardware rental network worldwide.


Nov 14

Dell Desktop Rentals Combine Power And Performance With Great Customization Options


Remember when home PCs were first starting to really take off? My earliest memories are of those old Dell commercials, you know the “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” ones. Well, my first home PC was, in fact, a Dell and let me tell you, that thing lasted me about 10 years, far longer than any home PC is supposed to last you.

Aside from that incredibly long life span, Dell is an all around solid choice for a desktop. Dell offers desktops that are capable of dealing with any computing need, whether it be web surfing and checking your email to intense online gaming or high end business computing and production. A Dell PC is an all-in-one … an all-in-one in the sense that it can do everything!

Picture: All in one Desktop Computer available for rental.

Rentacomputer.com has been in the computer and technology rental business for over 25 years and in that time it has become clear that one of the most popular types of desktop rentals that are requested by our customers are Dells. With all the great Dell computers on the market, customers have a lot to choose from.

However, what makes Dell desktop rentals even better is the fact that if a pre-made Dell doesn’t have exactly what you are looking for, we can customize your Dell rental to your specifications. If your rental needs require a more complex configuration, then your Tech Travel Agent can help you out. Need specific processing needs? No problem. Need a certain amount of memory or RAM? Done. Looking for a specific piece of software or your own software pre-loaded? You’ve got it.

Another thing that makes Dell rentals from Rentacomputer.com even better is Intel’s newest line of processors. The new Core i3, i5 and i7 processors come with smart new features like Turbo Boost Technology, which allows you to speed up your processor when your computer needs extra performance. And this is just one of countless other customization options available.

A Dell desktop rental is perfect if you need a powerful, dependable desktop for a short amount of time. If you are training a new employee and you don’t have extra computers laying around then a rental is the perfect thing for him or her to train on. Rentals are also great if you are going out on a business trip or to a conference as Rentacomputer.com has local delivery and installation of your rental, meaning you don’t have to worry about packing up and lugging a computer all over the place.

Like I said, a Dell was the first PC I ever had and it was definitely one of the best. Add that to the fact that Dell rentals are among the most popular with Rentacomputer.com’s customers and you have two fantastic reasons to get one yourself. Contact Rentacomputer.com and your Tech Travel Agent today to get a free quote and take your first steps to an amazing experience.

Nov 14

Gorilla Glass 4 Is Coming, And It’s Stronger Than Ever

Gorilla Glass 4 is coming, and it could save all of our beloved smartphones and tablets.

Sometimes it’s just impossible to keep our devices safe. They come with us everywhere, and accidents do happen. And in that moment that you forget your device is in your lap when you stand up, and it goes falling toward the ground… You always hope that the screen won’t shatter. But, sometimes luck just isn’t on your side.

Gorilla Glass has been around for a while. Yes, it is stronger, but let’s face it… it’s not all it’s supposed to be. I have ruined a few Gorilla Glass screens with very little effort myself. This new generation of Gorilla Glass is supposed to be way more durable than the last generations. They even analyzed a lot of broken Gorilla Glass screens to see the patterns in which they shatter so that they could figure out ways to reinforce them more.

Did you know you can rent smartphones for events?

Gorilla Glass, which first arrived in 2007, remains popular among smartphone manufacturers including Samsung, which uses it on its Galaxy smartphones and, reportedly, Apple, especially because it offers the promise, if not always the reality, of strength and a scratch-and break-proof screen.

They even went as far as to buy 100 new phones and drop them on all kinds of crazy surfaces. One of these surfaces was 180-grit sandpaper. They really went all out on the testing for the new glass. Generally when you see a broken screen, it’s because the phone got dropped on its corner. They did most of their testing by dropping the phones directly on the screen because that would be the highest amount of impact.

Basically what they came up with was the same fusion draw process they have always used but a different chemical process and a slightly different design. They wouldn’t go into details about it, but from what they said, it’s sure to be a great deal stronger and more impressive then before.

The result of all of the new design changes is that phones with Gorilla Glass 4 will be able to survive a nightmarish face drop from a height of up to one meter 80% of the time. That is at least a little bit better than your current screen expectations, right?


Nov 14

Yahoo To Be The Default Search Engine For FireFox

Pretty soon, Yahoo is going to be the default search engine on FireFox web browsers. Chris Beard, the Mozilla CEO, announced the partnership in a blog post on Wednesday. The partnership will be five years long according to the post.

The blog post said a whole lot about how they were really excited about this partnership. It said that the strategy behind the change was to make sure that FireFox was the browser for everyone and that they believe it will empower more people and make things easier in general. One has to think though, that this may not be the best move. It’s not even the obvious move. Just a few short months ago Yahoo was talking about going out of business completely. And can you really do any better than Google?

Interested in trying out Firefox, consider renting a tablet, computer or laptop with Firefox.

It’s not all bad though. The change will take place in December of this year. But for those of you who feel like Google is still the better option, you will be able to switch the default search engine back to it. You will also be able to change it to Bing or any of the other big search engines out there. Even Twitter.

Google has been with FireFox since 2004, and this was the year that their contract was up for renewal. When speaking on why they made the move, Beard said that they were insuring that their strategy aligned with their value of choice and independence. I’m not really even sure what he meant by that. I mean, it’s a search engine. No real reason to make it sound deeper than it really is. In my opinion, I think it’s silly.

Maybe it will end up being a better thing than myself and a lot of other people think though. Since Yahoo got a new CEO, they have been focused on their search engine way more than ever before. Google, on the other hand, has been more focused on mobile and decreasing their dominance on mobile browsers. But even if they haven’t been focusing on their search as much, there really isn’t a need to fix what isn’t broken.

Nov 14

Google Put Project Tango Up On Google Play, But It’s Not Available Yet

The Tablet With The 3D Sensor

In case you’ve not heard anything about Project Tango, it’s Google’s new tablet which actually senses the space around you via 3D sensor technology. Not only do the sensors sense the geometry of the area around you, but they also work to understand physical motion while you move with the tablet. At Google’s I/O conference, Project Tango was arguably the biggest hit of the entire event. The speaker there was able to demonstrate how the tablet could actually map out the entire stage he was on in real-time.

The tablet itself isn’t available just yet, unfortunately. The good news is that there are a few specs on the device. It will be coming with a 7-inch display, for one. The tablet with also be accompanied by 4GB of RAM and up to 128 GB of storage space as well. The OS is slated to be Android’s 4.4 KitKat OS. The Project Tango tablet will also come standard with NFC, or near-field technology, which just so happens to be the same type of tech used by the new Apple Pay.

Tired Of Waiting?

When you hear about a tablet that can actually map areas out in real space and in real time, you’re more than likely going to want to give it a try for yourself. Unfortunately, Google likes to tease us. By this I mean they’ve decided to put the new device up on Google Play, but only in a viewing mode. That’s right. You can look, but you can’t touch, so-to-speak. Developers are the lucky ones however. While they might not be available to purchase right now, the tablet that’s currently on Google Play is marketed to have developers create apps on the new technology. Should that be the case, developers should be getting their hands on the new tablet a bit earlier than all of us. For the rest of us “non-developmental” folk, we are going to have to wait until 2015 before we get a chance to walk aimlessly around our houses and map them out.

You Might Want To Wait A Bit Longer…

It’s exciting to hear about what Project Tango can do. That being said, it is slated to come with a nice $1,000 price tag. It’s also been confirmed that the device will be sold WITHOUT warranty. So what does that mean for you? That means that should you become one of the first to jump at this new tablet, you’d better not be upset if and when something bad happens to it.

It might be your best bet to wait on this tablet a little bit longer, even after the 2015 release date. After all, it’s much better to try out new technology after you know that all of the bugs have been taken care of, right?

It will be interesting to see just how many people will go for this new tablet and what the implications will be as well. There’s a lot to do with this new technology, but only time will tell.


Nov 14

No More iPad Mini After This One!

According to a new report out of East Asia, the iPad Mini 3 will probably be the last small tablet that Apple puts out for a while. The rumor is that it will be  discontinued in favor of the bigger 12.2-inch iPad Pro. This is of course just a rumor, but if we have learned anything from previous reports, it is that they are generally more than ‘just a rumor”.

One reason Apple may be giving up on the smaller iPad is there really isn’t a place for it in today’s market. Phones these days are literally almost as big as the iPad Mini, and no one wants to buy a worse version of something that they already have. Even the company’s own line of iPhones are almost the same size. Not only that, but the market for iPads in general has really been suffering over the last year.

No one should really be surprised at the iPad being discontinued. The new iPad Mini 3 was really kind of a failure. It had nothing new going for it besides a Touch ID fingerprint reader, and that has been old technology for a while now. They didn’t even really talk about it much at the iPad event that they had on October 16th. Their main focus was on the iPad Air 2.

There are a few companies that are putting out hybrid devices right now that are absolutely killing the iPads. They are bigger, better, faster, stronger, and can do way more. If Apple is going to be throwing away the iPad Mini completely, there may be a strong chance that they might try their hand at making a hybrid device as well. Some people speculate that by the time the iPad Pro comes out, it may come with a detachable keyboard and a few other cool features. Judging by Apple’s past, I’m just going to go ahead and say I do not think that is what will happen. Apple is always putting out stuff five years too late, but people always pretend like it’s cutting edge. Not that I care about that, I’m just saying that the iPad Pro will probably just be a slightly bigger iPad and nothing more.

Whatever it ends up being, the iPad Pro is now supposed to come out in the third quarter of next year. There was talk of it coming out sometime in the first quarter, but it got pushed back last minute because of the iPhone sales.

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