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5 Apps That Freshen Participation at Your Meetings

With new smartphone apps coming out every day of the year, there are a lot to sift through in search of the right one. If you are an event planner, time is money and you don’t have any of it to waste on silly apps that don’t get the job done. Here is a list of 5 different apps that you can use to make your event an even bigger success.

Speecheo – This app lets your attendees use their smartphones or tablets to follow slides of a presentation. They can save slides, record voice notes, create text notes, and even share their ideas that are synced with the presentation. This is great for you because the slide show that you set up is now savable and sharable by the attendees. That means that your valuable information is better retained by them, and they can always have access to it. It’s revolutionary.

Meerkat – In a nutshell, this app lets you stream live video to all of your Twitter followers. It should be common sense as to why this is huge, but I’ll explain just in case. Facebook is dead. You have to pay to reach all of your Facebook fans, so Twitter is the best thing right now as far as social media goes for your company. Imagine being able to stream live video of whatever you want to all of your company’s followers. Lectures, speeches, product demonstrations, anything is possible. Whatever you want to show people, you can do it live and in real time.

Topi – This app works kind of like a dating service, except it’s hooking you up with like-minded people in conversations that are relevant to your business rather than a potentially awkward blind date. It can put you in group conversations and provides profiles for people that are ranked by relevance. It even offers instant translation in more than 70 different languages. It can also show you when people are close to you, making face to face spur of the moment business connections super easy. This can help attendees get to know each other and feel more comfortable, and it is way cooler than just a name tag that you give them at the door.

Refresh – With Refresh you can stay connected with what is going on in your business contacts’ lives. It gathers information from tons of different websites and compiles them all in one spot for you to check out. You can see a person’s perspectives on certain topics, new blog posts they have made, and all kinds of other stuff. This makes it easy to keep in touch and have productive conversations without the small talk, or without looking like an idiot because you don’t know what you’re getting into before you start a conversation. I think this app pretty much speaks for itself on why it is such a great and useful tool for event planners or anyone in the business world.

Crowd Mics – The CrowdMics app is brilliant and is perfect for large meetings, lectures, or any type of gathering. Generally there is a great sound system for a presentation, so as the speaker, people can hear you well. With this app, all of the attendees just have to connect to the same WI-Fi connection and they can easily communicate with you and the rest of the crowd. It turns their smartphones into microphones, and the speaker gets a list of the attendees waiting to speak. It provides clear communication for everyone involved without adding to any type of chaos. Spectacular.

We’re living in a world that is constantly connected to technology. While this can be a detriment to some aspects of society it can also really be a huge asset. The meeting industry is embracing the technological market with open arms and these 5 apps are proof of that. Each one of these apps has been specifically designed to make your events easier and enhance participation at your meetings.


Top 5 Meeting Trends for 2015

New Meeting Industry TrendsBusiness meetings and conferences are always a huge deal and essential to your companies growth, and this year may be the biggest one to date for the meetings industry in general. Here are a few of the biggest trends that you will be seeing this year and should take advantage of in order to make your event more successful than your last.

Change of Scenery

Regular attendees have seen it all. They want something to be exited about. Hotels, conference centers, all that stuff has already been done. This year we will be seeing a lot of new and creative destinations for meetings. Don’t even think about which hotel resort will be the best. Instead, think of something fun and adventurous. Maybe even throw in a few group challenges that will bring attendees closure and make them feel like a team.

Shifting Demands

Overall in 2015, demand is looking stronger than ever. But there are a few different segments that stand out way more than others. Focus on these: education, association, financial and insurance, healthcare and pharmaceutical, energy-related, and technology.

WiFi is Essential to Your MeetingComplete Connection

With new and more powerful devices coming out every day, and more and more people buying them, the demand for strong, fast, and RELIABLE Wi-Fi is just going to continue to grow every single year. Your attendees are going to come with laptops, smartphones and tablets. Not only do they want and need a good internet connection, but you would be smart to give it to them. You want all of them Tweeting about the event and posting pictures. You can also have them be a huge part of the event’s success by incorporating the use of interactive apps. Plus, you don’t want them complaining about anything on their personal social media accounts and making you look bad. Give them everything they could need.

Link Up

Facebook is a powerful social media tool for businesses, allowing them to get content out to potential customers with ease. However, if you are looking to make solid business connections with other business professionals then LinkedIn is where you need to be. LinkedIn is really taking off right now, and it is a huge way that planners and suppliers are communicating meeting agendas and logistics. Other smartphone apps like Twitter and Instagram are really taking off as well, especially while used during an even in the correct ways.

Smartphones At Your Event Are GuaranteedSmart is the New Black

Smartphones are everything now. They are probably the most important tool that you could use. You can use them to conduct virtual venue tours, make real time agendas and meeting info that your attendees can keep track of, and all kinds of other stuff. If you are smart, you will use your smartphone and every attendees smartphone to make your conference a success. The key is getting everyone involved somehow with a few different key apps.

Keeping up with the times is paramount, especially in today’s business meeting industry. Trends are changing faster than Superman in a phone booth and it can be hard to figure out what’s in and what’s out in the meeting industry. If you take these trends to heart you can make your next business meeting or event something really different and special.


Watching this CD Explode at 170,000 FPS is Simply Beautiful

Slow motion makes everything better. That is a fact. This is so true that there is a YouTube channel dedicated to watching things happen in slow motion and these people are famously known as The Slow Mo Guys. Well the Slow Mo Guys most recent viral video shows what happens when you strap a compact disc (Kids, ask your parents what this is) to a vacuum cleaner motor and spin it at 23,000 RPM.

CD Exploding at 170,000 FPS

So what does happen when you spin a CD at 23,000 RPM? It disintegrates under the force which is awesome by itself, but is even more awesome in slow motion. The Slow Mo Guys were actually able to capture the process at 170,000 FPS (the slowest video they’ve ever done) and man is it cool.

When viewed at normal speed the CD appears to simply disappear in the blink of an eye but in slow motion the explosion looks like the grand finale of a fireworks demonstration. You can almost here the finale of Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture in your head as you watch the magnificence. Check out the video below and, if you like it, head on over to YouTube and check out all the other awesome stuff the Slow Mo Guys have on their channel.

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Tips and Tech to Make Your Event Fun and Fresh!

The main idea behind every event isn’t always just to have fun. But here’s the thing, without any fun at all… you literally have nothing. If you can’t keep your attendees entertained, then why would they even come to your event? Here are some things to keep in mind while planning your event that should keep things lively!

Think Outside the Box

Thinking outside the box and getting out of your comfort zone can inspire new ideas that you never thought possible. Not only that, but if you can get your attendees to think outside of the box with fresh ideas, they will leave feeling inspired. This is what you want.


Personalization is one of the biggest factors in making your event successful. Making connections with other guests is cool, and also necessary, but making a connection between attendees and the event manager is almost MORE important. No one ever wants to feel like they don’t matter. No one wants to be treated like a number. Let each and every guest know that YOU are happy to have THEM there. Maybe it can be as simple as a personalized name tag for each guest. Or anything like that. Let them know that you know they are there. Make them feel proud and excited to be a part of something. It might be hard to speak to every single person and greet them individually, but remember that a nice, firm handshake can’t be beaten by anything.


In today’s society, we like to do things as fast as possible. This means shooting an email, a text, or connecting on a social media site. The single most important thing that keeps business events successful is one-on-one, face to face interaction with real people and forming a real bond in person. Nothing in the world can beat that, and business events force us to do so. Make sure you focus on that. Maybe some trivia games, scavenger hunts, charity events, etc… anything that will make talking to real people and forming bonds more fun.


Video Walls – These are going to be seen by everyone, and they are impressive. You can do anything with them. Use them for presentations, to promote products and ideas OR, you can create an interactive Twitter or Instagram wall where people can use a hashtag and see their tweets in real time covering the event. That also ties into what I said about making everyone feel important, and the social aspect of forming bonds.

Tablet Rentals Make Great AdditionsTablets – Tablets are a great way to interact with people! You can use them to get people to interact in a million different ways. One of the coolest and most productive ways would be to use them for surveys that you can make people take right there on the spot. This gives you an idea of what they think, and also makes them feel important.

Charging Station Lounges – A charging station is beneficial in so many ways. If you’re doing a Twitter or Instagram wall, you want people to have their devices charged at all times so that they can keep interacting. Also, it can be a super relaxing place where people go to chill out while their phone charges. They can charge their phones battery, and their own battery. This also gives people a nice calm place to talk and interact with each other!

Just because this is the 15th year in a row you’ve hosted the same convention or event doesn’t mean that it has to be the same convention or event. With these helpful tips you can turn your regular event or convention into something truly special and remember that Rentacomputer is your single source for all of your short-term event rental needs!