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Las Vegas Corporate Invitational Opened with Networking and Education

During the MeetingNet 16th annual Las Vegas Corporate Invitational, about 120 corporate meeting professionals and Las Vegas suppliers gathered back in April to discover the city’s huge variety of conference and group incentive options. Things kicked off at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino where Don Voss, the Vice President of Sales and Marketing, welcomed everyone before they all got to enjoy a nice afternoon of education in the hotel’s new ballroom space.

The greatest hits from the event included a presentation of the state of the industry called “Driving Forces in the Hospitality Marketplace and Downstream Implications for Your Meetings,” given by Michael Dominguez, Senior Vice President, Global Hotel Sales, MGM Resorts International, and immediate past chairman, International Board of Directors, Meeting Professionals International. The presentation covered all of the latest trends in the hotel industry and how those trends affect things like meetings and incentives. There were also points made about how the economic environment is shifting this year and into the future. Dominguez also taught people how to grow their relationships with hotels and how to get the most out of the relationships.

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Justin Ramers is the Chief Marketing Officer at MeetingMatch Inc. He gave an awesome presentation called “Using the Latest Social Technology to Engage Your Audience.” This topic is becoming more common and popular in the events industry. Once you can bridge the gap between meeting in person and getting the most out of social media at the same time, you have it made. This was one presentation that everyone at the event was paying extra close attention to.

What is better than ending the day with beer and food? Nothing. And that is exactly how the afternoon ended at this event. Sarah Johnson, Director of Food & Beverage at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino facilitated the beer and food event. She holds the title of Certified Cicerone and is the very first female in Nevada to earn this. Needless to say, the event went over well and was a huge hit with the entire crowd. Beer and food makes anyone happy, remember that.

As if that wasn’t enough, what followed that was a huge poolside party called “Taste of TI”. Everyone got to sample different foods from Treasure Island’s seven different restaurants including Phil’s Italian Steak House, Pho (Vietnamese cuisine), Gilley’s, the Seafood Shack, Kahunaville, and Señor Frog’s. All while sampling wares from Maui Jim and Bulova and being entertained by Kahunaville’s Island Heat show performers . Overall, the entire Las Vegas Corporate Invitational was a resounding success and attendees are already excited to see what 2016’s event has in store for them!

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14 Cities Now Offering Same-Day Amazon Prime Delivery for Free

Can you imagine being able to shop online, and get the things you ordered the very same day? Why would you ever leave your house to shop ever again? There would be no crowds, no lines to wait in, and you would never go to buy something just to find out the store you drove to doesn’t have it in stock, or have to politely sit through the sales person’s speech about how they can order it for you and have it to your house in 5 days.

Well, apparently that is actually a real thing. Amazon can get you the things you order on the exact day that you order them. Want to know what is even crazier? It is now 100% free if you live in one of 14 metropolitan areas that they are doing this in now.

To be able to take advantage of this wonderful service, you’ll have to order at least $35 worth of stuff and also be subscribed to Amazon Prime. Amazon Prime costs $99 a year, but now it seems like such a small price to pay for being able to get same day delivery for absolutely free. Some of the bigger cities that this service is available in include San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle/Tacoma.

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This is going to be a huge blow to physical stores. Really the only reason people go to stores anymore is because they aren’t very patient. And not being patient usually results in either disappointment, failure, embarrassment, or just not getting exactly what you want and regretting it later. Either way, it’s not a good situation. Not only that, but now there is another huge reason to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The more they do with it, the more it seems silly not to. And more benefits are sure to come as Amazon is always working on something else revolutionary for their customers.

Like I said, this same day free shipping is only available in 14 major cities and you can check if you qualify by entering your zip code here. BUT, the chances of this expanding are very real. I would expect the list of cities to keep growing at a pretty fast rate.

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Rentacomputer Offering Technology Rentals to the Southwestern United States

Rentacomputer is pleased to offer our vast array of computer, AV and technology rentals  in the Southwestern region of the Untied States. This covers California, Arizona, Nevada, San Diego, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Rentacomputer offers a wide array of office equipment like desktops, copiers and projectors to these states accompanied with local delivery and installation from professional technicians and installers.

Some common rentals in the Southwest US include Large Quantity iPad Rentals. These can be used to your advantage in many ways. A lot of high end clothing stores are using iPad rentals in order to take down measurements of their customers and accept payments at the same time. This is much faster and far more convenient that doing things the old fashioned way and hastily writing down notes on a piece of paper that may get lost or can’t be read by someone else.

iPad rentals are also great for businesses doing interviews with many potential new employees at once. You can use a questionnaire app right on the iPad and have all of the information stored in one spot for you to go over. This same idea is great for business meetings where input from many people is needed.

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There is also a huge list of Android tablet rentals available as well. If you are developing an app and are testing it on either platform, a tablet rental would be a huge help.

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5 Global Cities of the Future

Being an entrepreneur seems to be a budding craze. So much so that we even have shows about it. Many of us have heard of the show “Shark Tank” where people looking to kick start their new business go on and attempt to get larger entrepreneurs to fund them in exchange for percentages of their respective companies. It’s not a bad idea, and definitely makes for good television. That being said, if you’re looking towards the future of technology, you may want to look outside of the red, white, and blue box. There are a few cities out there that are not only the perfect starting point for young businesses, but also technological megamarkets in their own right.

Take Dubai of the United Arab Emirates for example. This city is essentially the regions largest business pub, and with good reason. While it may come stocked with some of the most brutal summers and ludicrously high housing costs, if you have the stones and overall drive, one could easily exploit the cities astronomical investments in infrastructure. Any type of Arab owned business will more than likely start out in Dubai. It is looked at as the launch pad for the next generation of business and tech for that region anyway, so why not use it’s resources to your advantage should you find yourself out there?

If the Middle-Eastern region isn’t your cup of tea, Santiago, Chile isn’t a bad call for your start up. The city is so enamored with the idea of getting entrepreneurs out there that, in 2010, they were even willing to pay you to live in their city. Any foreign entrepreneur that was accepted into the government funded program was given a one-year visa, $40k, and even free workspace. This was idea was such a huge hit that it saw roughly 16,000 applicants jump on it. 1,000 of those 16,000 applicants were from other countries and accepted. Many of these entrepreneurs that started in the Start-Up Chile program used their time in the city as a learning period. By observing the mistakes made from earlier entrepreneurs, the newer ones were able to learn the ropes and help their business grow at a quicker rate. The program is still around today but the $40k has now been dropped to $33k.

When you think business, the Baltic nation of Estonia probably isn’t the first place you’d think of. Even though they might not be the first to pop up on your radar, they do offer some incredible benefits. They’re the first nation in the world to offer “e-residencies”. This means that the country will give you the same digital benefits and rights as those actually born in the country. Foreigners that sign up for this will get the ability to hold bank accounts within the country, register businesses, and even sign contracts. Mind you this is all without even being within the country itself. All in all, it’s a brilliant idea for the country’s infrastructure and entrepreneurs alike. Everyone wins.

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China is known for making just about everything in the world ever, but it also houses one of the best cities in the world for entrepreneurs. The city of Shenzhen used to be a small fishing village about 35 years ago, but now it’s a large sprawling city trite with tropical foliage and sky scrapers galore. Any type of mainstream electronics stem from this city. Start up companies that would have originally outsourced their manufacturing to this city are now moving there to conduct their entire business. The city has developed it’s own little routine in order to have its start ups gain the most headway in the smallest amount of time.

Many tend to think that the Silicon Valley would be the only place to really get the best shot at having your business jump off as a success. These few cities are poised to be the new megamarket dominants however. After seeing some of the benefits of the cities, it would be hard for any entrepreneur to shrug off the idea of not going overseas to conduct business.

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