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Rentacomputer.com wins 2004 NCRA Computer Rental Industry Innovation Award

Rentacomputer.com was recognized by the National Computer Rental Association, NCRA for innovative marketing strategies, new rental applications, related services offered, and expansion new technology rentals.

The National Computer Rental Association, NCRA Award of Innovative Excellence is for the company or companies that have brought the best ideas for creating more business opportunities to the 35 NCRA worldwide member companies. NCRA member companies are encouraged to share new ideas for promoting business in the technology rental industry.

Examples of Rentacomputer.com innovations include: Tablet PCs featuring XP Windows Tablet PC Edition for Rent, Technology Travel Agent Service for fast technology reservations in over 1000 US, UK and Canadian Cities, Delivery Plus technology installation services, and the addition of Large Screen Flat Plasma rentals.

In 1998, Rentacomputer.com CEO, John Beagle, helped found a group that evolved to become the National Computer Rental Association and now the International Technology Rental Association. http://www.it-ra.org/

Also in the original founding group were Jim Jain, Raj Jain, Rick Shapiro, Orion Scott, Roger Byrd, Mark Stewart, Bill Windsor, Bill Spiller, Bob Borgerding, Mike Meduri, Ken Skinner and Jerry Thompson. (re: http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/01/prwebxml191056.php)

The National Computer Rental Association (NCRA) requires member companies to have high standards of performance and a proven track record in the computer rental or audio visual industry. Visit the NCRA website for more information: http://www.it-ra.org/

Rentacomputer.com is a founding member of the National Computer Rental Association and proud to be the recipient of this years industry association award for innovative excellence.

Today, Rentacomputer.com assists companies, governments and educational facilities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom with state-of-the-art computer and audio visual (AV) technology rentals.

Major users of Rentacomputer.com include: event planners, corporate training programs, pharmaceutical companies, convention centers, network news companies, trade show service companies, conference planners, finance departments, universities and traveling executives.

Product and service lines include: Presentation Services; Audio Visual Equipment, including Plasma, DLP and LCD Flat Screen Display Rentals; Computer Rentals; Laptop Rentals; File Server Rentals; Mid-range and Larger Server Rentals; Projector Equipment Rentals; Rear Screen Projection Equipment; wireless sound systems; pipe and drape; and other technology rentals.

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