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Rentacomputer May 2013 Newsletter

The Summers Most Popular Laptop Rentals

Popular Business Laptop Rentals

The Most Popular Business Laptop Rentals

Get the most popular business laptop rentals on the market from Rentacomputer.com. Maybe you need the fastest laptop, or the most portable, whatever your need, we have the solution! Check out the summers most popular laptop rentals from businesses around the country.

Newest Microsoft Laptops:
Windows 8 & Microsoft Surface Tablets

Most Powerful Laptops:
Computing power with Intel Core i7 Processors

Most Portable Laptops:
Thin & Light Weight Ultraportables & Tablets

Best Laptops for Training:
Large Quantity Laptops Imaged with Your Company's Software

Toughest Laptops for the Field:
Withstand Harsh Environments with Rugged Laptops

Most Popular Laptop Brand:
Apple MacBook Pros and Apple MacBook Airs

Tech Travel Agent

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Tech Travel Agents at Rentacomputer.com specialize in procuring laptops for events and traveling all over the United States. With over 25 years of experience, businesses and event planners trust our agents to handle all the logistics of their laptop procurement and installation nationwide.

Contact a Tech Travel agent today and book your laptop rental early to ensure the best possible price and selection of laptop for your next event, trade show, training session, business travel, survey administration, or inventory project!
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