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Rentacomputer June 2013 Newsletter

How to Save Time and Money

Save on Corporate Training

Don't spend hours paying your staff to setup a training room with spare equipment that is pieced together and requires more of your time to configure, test and troubleshoot. Use Rentacomputer to have the whole process taken care of by our trained professionals.


Save on Conventions and Trade Shows

Just like a corporate training event, using your own equipment for a convention or trade show is labor intensive and risky at best! While contracting to use rental equipment offered by the venue will result in overpaying for older and outdated technology. Companies needing computer or audio visual technology at a trade show, seminar, corporate event or conference only need to contact one Tech Travel Agent. Only a Tech Travel Agent can deliver seamless, multivendor, multi-location solutions at the lowest cost, nationwide!

Save on Proof of Concept and Application Testing

A proof of concept project, mobile application testing, and even software development itself, can all benefit from the cost savings offered by a short term technology rental as compared to a purchase. Often times the best way to impress a client is by using the same make and model of hardware they have in production. Hardware matching guarantees your client's experience will not vary from development environment to final deployment, resulting in happier clients! Call your Tech Travel Agent today to learn more!
Tech Travel Agent

Enter To Win!

Book Early and Save!
Tech Travel Agents at Rentacomputer.com specialize in procuring PC & AV equipment for events and traveling all over the United States. With over 25 years of experience, businesses and event planners trust our agents to handle all the logistics of their laptop procurement and installation nationwide.

Contact a Tech Travel agent today and book your laptop rental early to ensure the best possible price and selection of laptop for your next event, trade show, training session, business travel, survey administration, or inventory project!
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