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Rentacomputer January 2014 Newsletter

The Winter's Coolest Tech Rentals

All-In-One Desktop Rentals

All-in-one computers are the most popular type of desktop rentals. They offer the power and speed of a desktop computer, but without all of the bulky equipment. All-in-one desktops incorporate all of the components - display, processor, graphics, storage, memory and more - inside one enclosure. This eliminates the needs for a separate tower to house those components. Whats left is a more portable and minimalist solution, which is great for training large groups of people. Most commonly rented is Apple's all-in-one, the iMac.

Check out our Apple iMac Rentals.

iPad Air Rentals

Apples new ultra thin, ultra light tablet - Weighing only a single pound. The iPad Air also comes equipped with a retina display, dual processors and improved Wi-Fi performance.

Video Wall Rentals

A video wall is composed of multiple flat screen displays tiled together to form one large screen. Video wall rentals can grab the attention of event attendees and make a lasting impression for your company or brand. You can get up to 25 (5x5) displays to create an almost seemless display.
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Non-Business (Personal) Rentals!
You don't have to be with a business to rent from Rentacomputer.com! We offer personal rentals to non-business customers. So if you have a short term need for a personal endeavor, consider a rental from Rentacomputer.com.

Check out our personal rental inventory and you will find a great selection of equipment such as laptops (Windows or Mac), tablets (iPads and Android), 2000 - 3000 lumen projectors & DVD projectors (screens also available), and sound equipment. So for your next short-term personal technology need, let us know how we can help!
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