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Rentacomputer April 2014 Newsletter

Don't Be One Of Those April Fools!
How smart are people who use Rentacomputer.com? Too smart to be fooled into paying more for their computer rentals! We know our customers are too smart to be fooled into overpaying for technology rentals. To congratulate our customers for not being an April fool, we are offering 5% off on all large quantity orders of 15 or more units all April long.

Large Quantity Laptops

Rentacomputer.com has all the right tools to make your big events successful. When you need to get a large number of laptops prepared for a training session or software demo, Rentacomputer.com can coordinate all of the logistics and setup so that you can focus on other important aspects of your event.

Not only can we provide the equipment, preloaded with your software, we can also provide installation, networking and support for the entire event!

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Large Quantity iPads

Did you know that large quantity iPad rentals have increased in popularity each year as more and more data collection projects, that were once only accomplished with pen and paper, make their way to a tablet platform?

Renting a large quantity of iPads is not only a great fit for data collection, it's also a great option for trade shows, training classes, or any occasion where you need a large quantity of mobile devices for a day, a week, or even a few months!

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Non-Business (Personal) Rentals!
You don't have to be with a business to rent from Rentacomputer.com! We offer personal rentals to non-business customers. So if you have a short term need for a personal endeavor, consider a rental from Rentacomputer.com.

Check out our personal rental inventory and you will find a great selection of equipment such as laptops (Windows or Mac), tablets (iPads and Android), 2000 - 3000 lumen projectors & DVD projectors (screens also available), and sound equipment. So for your next short-term personal technology need, let us know how we can help!
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