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Save money and time by renting Plasma TV's for your next trade show or event Plasma TV rental saves your company money. Plasma TV rental saves your company time. Call a Tech Travel Agent today for setup and delivery.

Sony Plasma TV Rentals

Client Comments:

"My plasma rentals really spiced up my trade show booth, and saved me the hassle of purchasing the technology. I highly recommend using Rentacomputer for any temporary technology need." - Tom Johnson from Seattle
"Everything has worked out just like you said it would, our event has been great! Thanks for all your help in making sure we got the plasma TV and everything else we needed" - Elaine from Massachusetts
"Great service. delivered my plasma tv directly to my booth. Also they had a cool stand to make my plasma head level. Made for a much better presentation than using tables like did at the last show." - Zack D. from Dallas
Sony Plasma TV Rentals

Why Rent A Sony HDTV

A very popular item to rent for trade show booths are Sony Flat Panel HDTV's. People have elaborate PowerPoint presentations that look excellent on the floor standing plasma display. It's right in your face marketing for everyone passing by your trade show booth.
Plasma Television

Color Vibrancy

Sony BRAVIA plasma televisions offer very vibrant color displays, with the BRAVIA Edge LED backlight placed around the outer edge of the screen. This provides superior color vibrancy and sharpness. If you are renting a plasma display for entertainment purposes, a Sony plasma rental is a great choice.
Sony BRAVIA Rental

Connect Online

The Sony BRAVIA can connect to the internet, allowing you access to a limitless source of video through your plasma rental. So if you need a rental that renders an endless supply of video and audio possibilities, a Tech Travel Agent can have a Sony plasma screen rental delivered and installed at your next trade show or event.

Need a Sony plasma display long-term?

If you need any number of Sony plasma displays for more than one year, consider our leasing options. We can lease any displays of any size for flexible one to five year terms. Contact a Tech Travel Agent to get started on a leasing contract today.