Lectern and Podium Rentals

Rentacomputer.com offers lectern and podium rentals for events of all types and sizes. Your technology rental agent will help you find the right podium for your event.

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Why Rent a Podium?

Podium Rentals Podiums are excellent for presenters, especially those who are using a laptop, projector or microphone during their presentation. Podiums are very useful for conferences and meetings. They allow you to organize all appropriate materials for your presentation onto one stand. Podiums are also great for big speeches where the presenter needs to glance at notes.

Style Choices

Podium Rentals Podiums and Lecterns come in many sizes and styles. When choosing a podium, be sure to get the dimensions that work best for your presentation. If you have a widescreen laptop or a projector to setup on your podium, you will want to make sure the width of the podium supports the amount of space you need. Podiums and Lecterns come in different styles like wood, steel, or acrylic.

Integrated Features

Podium Rentals Some podiums and lecterns come with integrated wireless microphones, eliminating the clutter and the need for a separate microphone. Some multi-purpose podiums come equipped with connections for laptops and projectors to save you time and energy. Additionally, most podiums include things like keyboard trays, shelves, pencil trays, wrist supports, tilt and roll mobility.

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