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Sun Server Rentals

Client Comments:

"Randy, Thank you for doing everything you could to work with me on this project. You are a true professional." - Vladimir from New York
"We finished taping the first set of shows and once they air rating will determine if we do more. You are my first call when we need to rent computers. ~ Bill - Electronic Supervisor at CBS Television" - Bill from Los Angeles
"Thank you so much for your lightning fast response!" - Geno M. from Tampa, FL
Dell Rack Mount Server Rentals

Why Get A Sun Server Rental?

Sun Server systems run all major operating and virtualization platforms, such as Oracle Solaris, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM. The systems are built on open standards that can work with any existing infrastructure, have built in virtualization capabilities, and have SSD Flash storage integrated into servers. Getting a Sun Server Rental would definitely meet any business computing needs.
Sun Blade Server Rentals

Sun Blade Server Rentals

The Sun Blade modular system is controlled by a central system management interface, and has an architecture such that its infrastructure is easy to integrate, consolidate, and employ cloud computations.
Sun SPARC Server Rentals

Sun SPARC Server Rentals

If you want best-in-class availability, scalability, and manageability, Oracle's SPARC server family can provide what you are looking for in a server rental. This family of servers is designed to operate on all tiers of application, and offers money-saving efficiency.

Sun Server Leasing

Need a Sun server long-term?

If you need any kind of server solution for more than one year, consider our leasing options. We can lease anything from rack-mount servers, to blade servers, to routers & switches for flexible one to five year terms. Contact a Tech Travel Agent to get started on a leasing contract today.

Server Equipment Rentals for Virtualization Testing

If your company is considering various applications of virtualization and requires temporary technology with which to test possible virtualization solutions, server rentals are an ideal solution for temporary storage needs. For example, if your company is considering various ways to implement server consolidation, minimizing the amount of physical technology needed by linking multiple virtual servers to a single physical one, renting an extra server from Rentacomputer is an easy and cost efficient solution; since having an extra server for a short time would expedite the testing of consolidation solutions.