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Technology Sale Services

Computer Sales

Used Desktop and Laptop Computer Sales

Desktops, laptops, servers, tablet PCs, and more! Any type of computer system you need, we can rent it to you! With delivery to every state in the US and over 1000 cities worldwide, Rentacomputer.com can handle any computer Sale need you have.
Audio Visual Sales

Used Audio/Visual Sales

Projectors, monitors, plasmas, sound systems, lighting systems, staging, pipe & drape, video walls, electronic copyboards, kiosks, cameras, and security cameras! Rentacomputer.com has an extensive line of just back from rental used computer equipment that can serve any need you have!

Office Equipment Sales

Used Office Equipment

Rentacomputer offers used printers, copiers, fax machines, and anything else your office may need. Our used office equipment is just like new because most of our equipment goes out to rental for a couple of months and is now available to you for a fraction of the cost and is still usually under warranty.
Wireless Sales

Used Wireless Sales

Tradeshow internet, Nextel radios, two-way radios, AirCards, and anything else that you need to wirelessly connect to your office, the internet, or both! Whether taking a vacation or planning a conference across the country, Rentacomputer.com can make sure that your technology is always online.

Server Sales

Used Server Sales

Rentacomputer offers used rack-mounts, Blades, File Servers, Database Servers, switches, routers and any other network devices you need for your server project. Our servers are top of the line and are perfect for your office or company.