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Press Releases


Rentacomputer July Newsletter
Receiving a technology rental quote from anyone other than can take a considerable amount of time! Delays at the very start of critical projects can be frustrating and add days of needless delay. Don't let that happen to your project.....[Read More]

Rentacomputer June Newsletter
Don't spend hours paying your staff to setup a training room with spare equipment that is pieced together and requires more of your time to configure, test and troubleshoot. Use Rentacomputer to have the whole process taken care of by our trained professionals.....[Read More]

Rentacomputer May Newsletter
Get the most popular business laptop rentals on the market from Maybe you need the fastest laptop, or the most portable, whatever your need, we have the solution!...[Read More]

Rentacomputer April Newsletter
We Rent Everything Apple. Apple's compact and sleek designs make it one of the most popular technology brands in the market. As such, makes sure that its clients have access to a full line of Apple branded equipment...[Read More]

Rentacomputer February Newsletter
Start Planning Your Next Event with Impressive audio visual is critical for a successful event - projectors, sound systems and LCD displays can really bring an event to life. We can even set up entire tradeshow booths!...[Read More]

5 Subtle Details that Differentiate a Good Rental Company
When choosing a Technology Rental Provider, many customers feel all Rental Companies carry the same hardware. Thus, there decision is based on an apple to apple comparison of the same hardware. In reality, there are many important factors that differentiate a good rental company. ...[Read more]
Rentacomputer 2013 Scholarship Winner - Shayla Price
The second annual Cares Scholarship has been awarded to Shayla Price from Kansas City, Missouri! Shayla has demonstrated strong and realistic academic and career goals ...[Read More]

How Much for a Computer Rental?
Computer rental prices vary based on quantity, how long you need the equipment, where the equipment will be located, product specification and availability...[Read More]

The Popular iPad Rental [infographic]
iPad infographic iPads are one of the most popular items that are rented from After compiling data from January of 2012 to the present (April 2013), we have determined just how popular iPad rentals from are... [Read More]

Rentacomputer March Newsletter
The Summer's Hottest Mobile Technology Rentals. Having equipment that is easy to travel with and easy to use on the go is very important to most of our clients. has rental solutions for every mobile situation. ...[Read More]

Rentacomputer January Newsletter
New Technology from always has the latest technology rentals available to our clients, including the newest tablets. We have recently added the following tablets to our rental options:...[Read More]


Rentacomputer Scholarship Awarded to Kris French Jr
The first ever Cares Scholarship has been awarded to Kris French Jr. from Brunswick, Ohio! Kris has demonstrated strong and realistic academic and career goals and was very passionate about his education. Kris has displayed the strongest motivation, desire, forethought, and career planning amongst ...[Read more]

Aria Named Top Supplier
Aria Technology Solutions is based in Chicago and is solely focused on providing AV and IT equipment to Computer and AV Rental companies in the United States. Aria Technology Solutions in Chicago, Illinois is currently recognized as the number one, best supplier in the - "Tech Travel Agent" Network. ...[Read more]

Rentacomputer's Top Five Technology Suppliers recognizes these five suppliers as our top suppliers. Not necessarily by volume of business, but in level of service and client satisfaction. Here are the top five suppliers to

1. Aria Technology Solutions, LLC, Chicago, Illinois
2. Mac Rentals, San Diego, California ....[Read more]

Rentacomputer Rental Advice

iPad Kiosk and Stand Rentals
iPad Kiosk Rentals With the further development in tablet PC technology, iPads are being utilized as kiosks. They have all the same capabilities you would expect from a....[Read more]

Windows 8 Rentals Coming Soon is preparing for the release of Windows 8, Microsoft's newest operating system. Shortly after Microsoft releases the new operating system, will begin offering desktop, laptop, and tablet rentals complete with Windows 8. Due to several improvements implemented by Microsoft, this new operating system is sure to be popular among technology rentals.....[Read more]

Top 5 Reasons to Rent an iPad
The iPad in its various iterations has changed the computing industry as we know it. Steve Job's vision of an Apple Product in everyone's hand is certainly more achievable today than 3 years ago. Mirroring national sales trends, the iPad has gained popularity in the technology rental market. The Year 2012 has particularly marked an uptrend in activity.....[Read more]

Rentacomputer Official Supplier Program
Rentacomputer's Top Five Suppliers The 'Official Supplier' designation means this is an exceptional supplier. The designation means the highest quality standards for being on time, with the right equipment and with properly trained installers, technicians and or engineers......[Read more]

Rentacomputer Commercials

Sweetheart Sweepstakes Winner
Happy Valentine's Day from! The Sweetheart Sweepstakes has come to a close and after 47 days (Dec 21 - Feb 6) of entries coming in from all over the United States, a winner has been selected. The winner was randomly chosen today at 12:00 p.m. EST out of 16,791 entries. The lucky winner is Wendy Limauge of Ledyard, Connecticut and....[Read more]


Christmas Kindle Giveaway Winner
Merry Christmas from! The Christmas Kindle Giveaway has come to a close and after a month (Nov 21 - Dec 21) of entries coming in from all across the US, a winner has been chosen. ....[Read more]

15 Year Industry Veteran, Randy Moore, Joins Team is proud to announce that Randy Moore, an expert in the industry, has joined the staff of Tech Travel Agents at Randy graduated from Xavier University with....[Read more]

Chicago - Popular for Technology Equipment Rentals
Chicago, the most populous city in the Midwest, is one of the top cities in the United States for technology rentals. Chicago is the known as a major hub for industry, telecommunications and infrastructure....[Read more]

LCD Projector Rentals - Will One Work For You?
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. LCD Projectors display images typically by using small metal halide lamps. These lamps are used because they produce a wide range of colors at ideal color temperatures....[Read more]

New York City - A Top City for Technology Equipment Rentals

New York City is the center of the most populated metropolitan area in the world. It is also the most populated city in the United States. As such, it is the home to many business industries like finance, art, research, education, technology and entertainment....[Read more]

Reasons to Rent a Laptop When Traveling
Laptop Rentals for Travel When traveling on business or pleasure, its important to keep in mind that traveling with your own laptop might not be the best idea....[Read more]

Reasons to NOT Rent Hotel Projectors
Before renting a projector from a hotel for your next presentation, lecture or event, consider some of the reasons why renting from the hotel may not be the smartest decision. Renting your projector from the hotel may seem like a convenient thing to do, since you can get one without having to go anywhere to get it....[Read more]

DLP Projector Rentals - Is One Right For You?
DLP stands for Digital Light Processing. Older DLP-based projectors use metal-halide lamps combined with a color wheel. The mechanical color wheel is placed between the lamp and the DLP chip(s). The wheel is divided into multiple sections. Older models only use the three primary colors: red, green and blue...[Read more] Expands to 1500 Cities
Rentals to 1500, a world leading provider of temporary technology, has now expanded service to over 1500 cities and convention centers. Previously, companies needing equipment in multiple cities needed to contact multiple vendors....[Read more]


Video Wall Rental Samples
Video Wall Rentals The most common dimensions of a Video Wall is the 2 x 2 but rentals for a 3 x 3 Video Wall can easily be accommodated. Video Walls are multiple, seamless, flat screen displays that have been pushed next to each other to create a larger display....[Read more]
Projector Usage Tips
1. Handle the projector with care. Avoid moving the projector as much as possible while it is powered on. Many components of the projector are very sensitive to bumps and shake, especially the lamp....[Read more]

Kitchen Bath Industry Show Rentals
The 2010 Kitchen Bath Industry Show will be taking place on April 16-18 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. With the kitchen being seen as the heart of the home and bathrooms becoming an ever more important part of the house....[Read more]







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