15 Minute Guarantee

15 Minute Guarantee

Receive a response in 15 minutes or less - guaranteed

Getting a quote from the 'other guys' can take quite some time and they often leave you hanging, halting your rental planning. In some cases, it can take days to get a response to your submitted quote. Don't get stuck in rental quote limbo, use Rentacomputer.com instead!

At Rentacomputer.com, our agents are fast! We guarantee you will get a response from one of our Tech Travel Agents within 15 MINUTES OR LESS - GUARANTEED*. If you don't, we'll give you $100*. Don't wait around for the 'other guy' when you can get fast service from friendly and knowledgeable Tech Travel Agents!

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  • Only valid during normal operating hours (8-6 Eastern, Monday-Friday, excluding holidays).
  • The $100 will only be granted in cases where the rental order is completed (You will receive no compensation if you do not rent with us).
  • Does not apply to personal rentals
  • Only applies to new customers