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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Am I A Good Fit For Renting?

    There are many great reasons to rent technology and event services. However, there are many times when renting does not make sense or is too risky.

    GOOD Reasons To Rent:

    - Corporate Training

    - Business Presentations & Keynotes

    - Conventions, Conferences, Trade Shows and Breakout Rooms

    - Administering Surveys

    - Litigation War Rooms

    - Any legitimate temporary business project or event

    BAD Reasons To Rent:

    - Student renting for college

    - Renting to "try it before you buy it"

    - Renting because you can't afford to buy it

    - Renting for family parties

    - Renting tablets or laptops for vacation

    - Anything that would fall under a personal rental

  • How much does it cost to rent?

    There are 6 major factors that affect the price of a rental: Quantity, Rental Duration, Location, Lead Time, Technical Specifications, and most importantly, Availability. For more information, check out our Computer Rental Pricing.

  • How Long Has Your Company Been In Business?

    We have 30 years of experience. We've been established since 1987. For more information, read more about Rentacomputer.com's history.

  • How many offices do you have and what is your travel radius?

    We have offices located throughout the country and can make deliveries and shipments to any location nationwide. For more information, check out our Nationwide Rental Locations.

  • How current is your technology?

    We have the latest in technology equipment. Shortly after a new technology becomes available to consumers, we can offer it for rental. For more information, check out our Computer & AV Rental Products.

  • How Long Can I Rent For?

    You can rent by the day, week or month. We specialize in renting for short term needs and events. When renting monthly, the final month can be prorated for a partial month's use.

  • Why Rent Technology?

    Get the latest technology delivered directly to your event for a fraction of the cost of purchasing equipment that you will only need for a short term.

  • What Differs Between Personal & Business Rentals?

    A qualified business rental with a true short-term need requires 2 years established business history and an identifiable online business presence. If a customer doesn't fall into that category it is most likely considered a personal rental and we can not assist in these cases. For more information check out our Business Rental Requirements

  • Do I Have To Do My Own Setup? Can I Have A Technician On Standby?

    On request, our certified technicians can set up and tear down all the rental equipment for your event, making it easy and convenient for you. Technicians are available on standby for your event by request.

  • Do You Have Store Fronts?

    We have warehouse locations nationwide, but not "store fronts" in the traditional sense of retail locations, as we primarily provide a B2B service that delivers or ships our rental equipment directly to our clients.

  • What Is My Liability?

    Rentacomputer.com's liability ends upon delivery. We hold no responsibility for damage, theft or end-user related issues and require that our customers make sure our equipment is in a secure and safe location. However, damage insurance is available for those situations that are out of your control.

  • What Is The Average Turn-Around Time From Your Warehouse To Location?

    Our turn-around time is approximately 1-3 business days. Expedited shipping/delivery available for an additional fee.

  • Can I Have The Equipment Delivered To My Hotel Or Trade Show?

    Yes, along with delivery to office locations, we can deliver or ship directly to your hotel or convention center.

  • Are The Machines Tested Before Being Sent Out?

    All of our machines are tested, cleaned and virus-free. All machines are up to date with a version of the latest OS.

  • Can I Extend My Rental?

    Equipment may be extended for a duration beyond the original rental period by contacting your Tech Travel Agent. Equipment not returned on time or delayed may result in additional fees.

  • Why Don't You Rent Inkjet Printers?

    We only offer business grade commercial professional laserjet printers, inkjets are typically low cost, consumer grade printers.

  • What Differentiates You From Your Competition?

    The main factor that differentiates us from our competitors is our unmatched level of service. Our agents are here to help you every step of the way.

  • Have You Won Any Achievements Or Awards?

    Yes, we have received the following awards:
    Award of Innovative Excellence - National Computer Rental Association
    Platinum Award for Outstanding Service - International Technology Rental Association
    Award for Innovative Excellence - International Technology Rental Association
    MVP - International Technology Rental Association

  • Do You Have Any Professional Memberships Or Affiliations?

    Yes. We are members of the following:
    United States Chamber of Commerce
    NFIB National Federation of Independent Businesses
    International Technology Rental Association
    Tech Army Organization
    National Computer Rental Association (name changed in 2005)

  • Have a question? Email Us! rentals@rentacomputer.com