We offer all types of audio visual equipment for rent - televisions, monitors, projectors, speakers & more with delivery and installation nationwide and great rental rates.

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Projector Rental Equipment

Standard Projectors

Short thrown, long thrown, rear projection, and more. We have projectors to fit every need and venue.

Large Site Projectors

Higher powered projectors for large venues typically 5,000 lumens or more.

DVD Projectors

Standard projector with built in DVD player and built in speakers.

Laser Projectors

10,000 lumens compact laser projector rentals designed for intensive usage and long lasting brightness.

Display Rental Equipment

Television Rentals

A wide variety of high definition televisions ranging from 32" to 90".

4K TV Rentals

The most impressive displays to date. Ultra high definition displays with 3840 x 2160


Multiple displays combined to make one large video wall. Typically in a 2x2 or 3x3 matrix.


Microsoft's multitouch surface hub has taken meetings and collaboration to the next level. There is no better technology that allows groups to brainstorm or create together.

Touchscreen Rentals

Interactive touchscreen displays and multitouch collaboration screens and tables.

Monitor Rentals

Big or small, we have them all. Whether you need a monitor for your computer or a monitor for your tradeshow wall, we've got your covered.

Thunderbolt Rentals

Apple's fastest, most flexible I/O ever. The Apple Thunderbolt Display can do things other displays simply can't.

Curved Display Rentals

The newest and most innovative displays yet. Our curved displays produce images you have to see to believe.

Social Display Rentals

Display social media feed from your convention, or marketing event, in real-time.

Video Scaler Rentals

With the ability to act as not only a video scaler but also as a scan converter, switcher, and transcoder.

Digital Signage Rentals

For your next event, convention, or trade show, rent a digital sign to attract attention and provide information to viewers.

Vending Machines

A branded vending machine dispenses company gear or giveaways "swag", and serves as a great opportunity for event engagement.

Virtual Reality Rental Equipment

Virtual Reality Rentals

With many developers creating and demonstrating new VR games, videos and technology, the need to rent VR headsets is becoming increasingly popular!

HTC Vive VR Rentals

Vive is brought to you by HTC and Valve. Room-scale experience, precise motion tracking, and a Chaperone guidance system.

Audio Rental Equipment

Sound System Rentals

From two-speaker sound systems to complete kits with mixers, microphones, and stands.

Audio Package Rentals

We offer custom audio packages that are tailored to the size and type of your event and venue!

Microphone Rentals

High quality microphone systems with several different mic options including handheld, wireless and wired, and lapel mics!

Camera Rental Equipment

360° Rentals

Capture everything with a 360° camera! With several options that include outstanding features, has a perfect camera ready for you to rent.

Production Cameras

With a resolution in 4.4K and the ability to be compatible with a 2/3 lens mount, a production camera rental is perfect for your next media project.

Security Cameras

Perfect for tradeshow booth security, short-term high-value equipment storage monitoring, and construction site surveillance, security camera rentals are perfect for any business’s short-term security or surveillance needs!

Remote Camera Rentals

Weighing only 3.3 lbs, this compact sized camera can produce a 4K resolution.

Nationwide Audio/Visual Rentals Available

For over 30 years, has taken pride in providing technology for temporary business and event needs across the United States. We are more than capable of providing quality audio/visual equipment for whatever event your business or company has planned. Projectors, sound systems, microphones, and displays are a great way to make your event go as smoothly as possible. We proudly offer our services nationwide, including the following cities:

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