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Rentals Brands

Apple Rentals

Apple Rentals

Apple products offer great solutions for almost any need. If you need to setup temporary 'kiosks' at your trade show booth, where passer-byes can interact with your booth by using a computer, then an Apple desktop or laptop rental is ideal, since Apple computers are characterized by sleekness, and often leave professional impressions at a glance. Apple iPad rentals are also great for keeping track of information while being constantly on the move.
BenQ Rentals

BenQ Rentals

BenQ offers an excellent line of projectors, that range in size from mini to professional grade. If you need to impress your audience with a high quality video projector, a Tech Travel Agent can supply you with the right kind of BenQ projector.
Dell Rentals

Dell Rentals offers a full range of Dell product rentals, from desktops & laptops to servers & projectors. Whatever your need is, a Tech Travel Agent can supply the right Dell rental for you.

Hitachi Rentals

Hitachi Rentals

Our agents can offer various video solutions that utilize Hitachi products, such as Plasma displays and projectors. So for your next big presentation, a Tech Travel Agent can have a Hitachi product delivered and set up that will no doubt impress your audience.
HP Rentals

HP Rentals

If you have a computing need, HP's products span such applications well. Whether you need HP desktop rentals to set up a temporary computer lab, or a laptop or tablet PC for traveling purposes, our agents can supply HP rentals for almost any computing need.
Lenovo Rentals

IBM/Lenovo Rentals

Lenovo offers desktops that are capable of dealing with any computing need, from simply web surfing and email checking, to intense gaming or high end business computing and production. Call a Tech Travel Agent to get a quote on the right Lenovo desktop for your needs.
InFocus Rentals

InFocus Rentals

InFocus offers a line of projectors that are suited for smaller scale presentations, such as those that might occur in a classroom or business meeting. Their ultra bright bulbs make projections in well lit rooms vibrantly visible, and their shot throw projectors can project an image at just about any short distance.
NEC Rentals

NEC Rentals

NEC makes high quality projectors that can suit any projecting situation, from portables that are ideal for transient situations, to professional grade projectors that produce clear and vibrant projections for your audience.
Panasonic Rentals

Panasonic Rentals

Our Panasonic products also offer great solutions for video display and presentation. With a Panasonic plasma or projector rental, you can add a sleek and professional dimension to your presentation or trade show booth.
Sony Rentals

Sony Rentals

If you need temporary technology for anything from computing to audio-visual display, then a Sony rental is worth considering. The Sony products we can offer include Plasma screens, projects, laptops and desktops.
Toshiba Rentals

Toshiba Rentals

If you need technology for your next presentation, a Tech Travel Agent can supply a single solution utilizing Toshiba projectors and laptops. If your presentation is more entertainment driven, Toshiba offers projectors with built-in DVD players. However, it is more business oriented, then our agents can supply a Toshiba laptop rental along with a professional grade projector, which is ideal when utilizing Powerpoint in your presentation.

Viewsonic Projector Rentals

Viewsonic Rentals

Viewsonic has an excellent selection of projectors that are suited for portable situations, and settings where the projection distance is relatively short. So if you are in a transitive situation where you are giving lots of presentation in a short time in varying locations, our agents can supply you with right kind of Viewsonic projector.
ASK Proxima Projector Rentals

ASK Proxima Rentals

ASK Proxima offers a wide range of projectors types, from large-venue projectors to portables, so whatever your presentation needs are, our agents can get you the right ASK Proxima projector. Meeting room style projectors typically weigh around 6 lbs. and have around 2500 lumens, and their portable projectors can weigh as little as 2 lbs. with around 2500 max lumens.
Eiki Projector Rentals

Eiki Rentals

Eiki is a Japan-based company that recognized its talent for engineering 16mm film projectors, and set for its self the goal of producing the best classroom projector. Eiki can also claim responsibility for many innovative breakthroughs in the technology. Needless to say, your projector rental is in good shape if you choose to go with Eiki, an industry leader in projector technology.
Philips Rentals

Philips Rentals

Philips HDTV rentals come in series ranging from 3000-7000, where the sizes of the plasmas and number of features ascend with each series class. Philips also has high quality portable televisions, which are great for travel. So whatever your video needs are, our agents can get you the right Philips plasma for your needs.
Acer Rentals

Acer Rentals

Acer has proven itself to be a leader in the electronics industry, and has developed a line of high-end performance technology equipment for every kind of need. Acer's rental lineup includes various types of desktops, laptops, monitors, and projectors, as well as tablets and netbooks.
LG Rentals

LG Electronics Rentals

LG Electronics delivers consumer electronics like HDTVs, projectors and monitors. LG products are designed to be intuitive, responsive and energy efficient so you can spend wisely and be more productive. From 19-65" HDTVs and 3D TVs to portable and HD Projectors, LG rentals are one of the leading competitors in consumer electronics.
Rugged Laptop Rentals

Rugged Laptop Rental Brands

Ranging from military grade (Fully Rugged) to flexible, business-ready solutions (Semi-Rugged), has a vast array of rugged laptop products and brand rentals to choose from. We offer popular rugged brands like Panasonic Toughbooks, Durabooks, Itronix GoBooks, and models by Getac, Dell and Toshiba.
Samsung Rentals

Samsung Rentals

Samsung is a well known leader in electronics from cameras to laptops, so it's no surprise that they also make very impressive computer monitors, Plasma HDTVs, ultraportables and of course the versatile tablet, the Samsung Galaxy.

Rugged Tablet Rentals

Rugged Tablet Rental Brands

Ranging from military grade (Fully Rugged) to flexible, business-ready solutions (Semi-Rugged), has a vast array of rugged tablet products and brand rentals to choose from. We offer popular rugged brands like Panasonic Toughpads, Durabook Tablets and models by Getac, ARMOR and Itronix. Both slates and convertibles are available.
Eiki Projector Rentals

Sound Rental Brands

Rentacomputer offers the following rental brands for sound equipment, speakers, sound boards and microphones.
Speakers: Electro Voice Speaker Rentals
Microphones: Shure Microphone Rentals
Sound Equipment: Anchor Sound Equipment Rentals
Fender Sound Equipment Rentals
Sound Boards: Mackie Sound Board Rentals
Pyle Sound Board Rentals
Insignia TV Rentals

Insignia Rentals

Living up to the name, Insignia's products proudly carry the mark of distinction as high-quality, dependable, customer-inspired innovation. Insignia features a wide range of consumer electronics but it is most popular for its development of HDTVs and other traditional displays.
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