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Laptop Rentals

We carry a full line of Windows laptops from HP, Dell, and Lenovo as well as Apple Macbook Pro and Apple Macbook Air models with the best rental rates. No matter what configuration, or quantity of notebooks your business needs, Rentacomputer.com can get you the right laptop for your situation. Nationwide delivery and setup available.

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Laptop Rentals for Events and Short-Term Business Needs

Rentacomputer.com carries a large selection of laptop rental equipment from trusted brands like Dell, HP, Apple, and Lenovo. Our rental selection includes models great for short-term design, development, and business projects. Many of our laptop rentals can also be customzied to meet your specific rental needs.

Along with laptop rentals, Rentacomputer.com offers a full host of event support services. Whether you need laptop configuration, event laptop troubleshooting support, our trained technicians are experienced in providing a wide range of laptop services. Contact an experienced technology rental agent today, to get a laptop rental quote and learn more about our services.

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Event Laptop Rentals

Rentacomputer.com offers laptop rentals for conventions, trade shows, and corporate events. Our technology rental agents can assist with large-quantity imaging to be sure all rental laptops have event-required software.

A Wide Selection

Whether you need a gaming laptop, a Mac laptop for designing or creative projects, or a Microsoft laptop for business, Rentacomputer.com has laptops for every need.
ASUS Laptop

Short-Term Projects

We offer laptop rentals suitable for any short-term business, creative, or organizational need. Our rentals are available with free preloaded software, and we offer all major brands in models.

Large Quantity Software Imaging

Laptop rentals that are needed for large corporate projects or events can be outfitted with identical software, so that you and your team all have the same tools to use, and the same templates to work from. The process is simple: you select your laptop rental equipment and either send us your software files to load, or we send you a testing “seed” unit that you can load all your needed software onto.

Once the software or seed unit is received, our techs can load the programs onto each of your rental units, giving your whole team the power to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our large quantity software imaging, and other services we offer.

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"18 years ago I started my own business and Rentacomputer.com was there to support me. Since then I have only had amazing, personalized service that has grown with me and the times. They have truly helped me become successful." - Steven F.

Laptop Rental Equipment

MacBook Rentals

MacBook Rentals

Apple's most compact and lightweight laptop to date. The MacBook comes equipped with a cutting-edge, 12-inch Retina display, great for visual presentations or film editing, and weighs in at only 2 lbs.
MacBook Pro Rentals

MacBook Pro Rentals

MacBook Pro rentals are by far our most popular Apple computer rental. MacBook Pro laptops are available in various processor speeds and standard RAM configurations range from 4 to 16GB.
MacBook Air Rentals

MacBook Air Rentals

Apple Macbook Air rentals are perfect for Apple users on the go. The MacBook air offers amazing battery life in a stylish, light, and powerful package.
Mobile Workstation Rentals

Workstation Rentals

Mobile workstation rentals provide the power of a Windows based desktop workstation with the convenience of portability. A mobile workstation rental is the perfect high-end portable rental for engineers and designers on the go.
Microsoft Surface Rentals

Microsoft Surface Book Rentals

Microsoft's first-ever laptop is the fastest 13-inch laptop ever created. A versatile laptop that can go from laptop to tablet in a snap. It is claimed to be twice as fast as the MacBook Pro.
Microsoft Windows Laptop Rentals

Microsoft Windows Laptop Rentals

Windows laptops rentals are available from all the top manufacturers. With configurations ranging from entry level to fastest i7 processors on the market. Standard RAM configurations range from 34GB to 32GB.
Chromebook Rentals

Chromebook Rentals

Chromebook rentals are perfect for both educational and corporate events. Chromebook laptops also offer a high level of security with the Chrome OS operating system.
Gaming Laptop Rentals

Gaming Laptop Rentals

High-performance laptops that contain a graphics card, HD display, and a powerful intel core i7 processor. Gaming laptops are perfect for gaming events, software development, and so much more.

Laptop Rental Case Studies

Large Training Class With Laptops

Laptop Rentals For Training

An insurance company was training employees on new software they were implementing. They rented thirty i5 Windows laptops for the training class. They needed each laptop to be identical and preloaded with the new software that the employees/attendees were being trained on. This required us to send the company what we call a "seed" unit, for them to load the proprietary applications and software and send back to us so that we can "image" the other 29 laptops to be identical to the seed unit. The insurance company also hired Rentacomputer.com to setup all of the laptops at the training venue.

The training went off without a hitch. At the conclusion of the training, we packed up all the setup and laptops and wiped the laptops clean. The customer and its newly trained employees left happy.
Large Training Class With Laptops

Laptop Rentals For Video Editing

The campaign team for a candidate running for office needed some high performance laptops and desktops to do video editing for a commercial they were planning to run. They requested high end gaming laptops like the Acer Helios and the MSI Titan. They also requested a few MacBook Pros which are also widely popular for video editing.

We shipped them six Windows based gaming laptops and two MacBook Pros. Once they were done finalizing their commercial, they simply shipped the laptops back with the supplied return shipping label and now had their commercial ready for distribution on local network television.