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Big or small, we have them all. Whether you need monitor rentals for Apple or Windows based computers at your training class or a monitor rental for a display on the wall of your tradeshow booth, we've got you covered with affordable rental rates and nationwide delivery!

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Rent A Computer Monitor

Monitor Rentals

Why should you rent a monitor?

Having the right computer monitor rental can make all the difference at your next business event. If you need large monitors, especially in larger quantities, renting a monitor from Rentacomputer.com can save you both time and money.

  • Standard wide screen LCD monitors rent for an average of $90 per unit.
  • Monitor rentals are available daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Monitor rentals are available in LCD, LED, and even 4K.
  • Monitor rentals are either hand delivered or shipped nationwide.
  • Monitor rentals are available for Apple and PC's in all sizes.
  • Monitor rentals are available with user friendly touch screen displays.
  • Monitor rentals are also available in matching models for eye catching uniformity.

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* Small Sized Single Unit Monitor Requests May Not Be Cost Effective When Delivery And Pickup Costs Are Added

Our Latest Television Rental Product

Curved Display Rentals

Curved Display Rentals

Curved displays have made their way to Rentacomputer.com and are ready to amaze you! With 4K High-Dynamic Range video, auto depth enhancer, and a 3840 x 2160 resolution, our curved displays produce the highest quality picture with amazing detail and clarity.
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Benefits of Renting a Monitor

We Make it Easy

Monitor rentals are beneficial and economical for events where very large monitors are required, or any size monitor is required in large quantities for displays or presentations. Our monitor setup and configuration services are also best for large-scale uses. Renting a monitor saves you the money that would be spent buying a monitor, setting it up, installing it, and then handling transportation, storage or disposal. Let Rentacomputer.com save you money, and handle all of the other stress that goes along with monitor setup and troubleshooting.
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Display Rental Equipment

  • Television Rentals

    A wide variety of high definition televisions ranging from 32" to 90".

  • 4K TV Rentals

    The most impressive displays to date. Ultra high definition displays with 3840 x 2160 resolution.

  • Video Wall Rentals

    Multiple displays combined to make one large video wall. Typically in a 2x2 or 3x3 matrix.

  • Microsoft Surface Hub Rentals

    Microsoft's multitouch surface hub has taken meetings and collaboration to the next level. There is no better technology that allows groups to brainstorm or create together.

  • Monitor Rentals

    Big or small, we have them all. Whether you need a monitor for your computer or a monitor for your tradeshow wall, we've got your covered.

  • Thunderbolt Display Rentals

    Apple's fastest, most flexible I/O ever. The Apple Thunderbolt Display can do things other displays simply can't.

  • Curved Display Rentals

    The newest and most innovative displays yet. Our curved displays produce images you have to see to believe.

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