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Rentacomputer.com proudly provides audio visual and computer rentals and other event technology rentals for conventions, trade shows, training, businesses, convention venues, hotels, universities and more! No matter where your event is, Rentacomputer.com can help!

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Event Rental Equipment

  • Sound System Rentals

    Sound System Rentals

    From two-speaker sound systems to complete kits with mixers, microphones, and stands. Good communication is simply better business--keep it loud and clear with a sound system rental!

  • Rent A Kiosk

    Kiosk Rentals

    Kiosks with simple touch screen interfaces and secure enclosures. Floor stands, wall mounts, table mounts, enclosures, and branding options also available.

  • Rent A Cell Phone Recharging Kiosk

    Charging Station Rentals

    Mobile device recharging stations make a great addition to any event. They not only allow attendees to charge their devices, but are also great for branding and advertising.

  • Rent An Audio Package

    Audio Package Rentals

    We offer custom audio packages that are tailored to the size and type of your event and venue!

  • Rent A Photo Booth

    Photo Booth Rentals

    Engage attendees and show off your event to the whole world by renting a photo booth for your next convention or marketing event.

Virtual Reality Rental Equipment

  • Virtual Reality Headset Rentals

    Virtual Reality Rentals

    With many developers creating and demonstrating new VR games, videos and technology, the need to rent VR headsets is becoming increasingly popular!

  • HTC Vive Rentals

    HTC Vive VR Rentals

    Vive is brought to you by HTC and Valve. Room-scale experience, precise motion tracking, and a Chaperone guidance system.

  • Rent A Samsung HMD Odyssey VR Headset

    Samsung HMD Odyssey Rentals

    Made by Samsung and Microsoft, the Odyssey is a fresh contender in the virtual reality marketplace.The Odyssey offers immersive worlds, with slightly less setup requirements than other high-end Virtual Reality options due to its new built in tracking technology.

What's Your Next Event Rental?

Solutions for All Your Event Tech Needs

Convention Center Rentals

Convention Equipment Rentals

Our Agents can offer technology rentals at a fraction of the cost of in-house convention center technology rentals. We also offer delivery, installation and on-site technicians.
Conference Technology Rentals

Conference Equipment Rentals

For conference meetings of any size and for any purpose, a Tech Travel Agent can supply you with temporary solutions for acquiring the technology that you need to efficiently conduct your conference.
Trade Show Equipment Rentals

Trade Show Equipment Rentals

A single phone call to our agents can supply you with all of the technology you could possibly need to set up your trade show booth--from audio-visual technology to pipe and drapery to kiosks.
Classroom Training Rentals

Classroom Training Equipment Rentals

When setting up a temporary classroom for training employees on your company software, we can provide you with an easy and cost efficient solution for this temporary need. All of our machines can come with your company software preloaded onto them and ready to go.
Meeting Technology Rentals

Meeting Technology Rentals

If you are holding an important meeting, let our agents handle the logistics of arranging the appropriate technology so that you can solely focus on running your meeting.
Computer Lab Equipment Rental

Computer Lab Equipment Rentals

If you or your place of business needs to set up a temporary computer lab, we can draw up a solution that meets every technological need you might have. Not only do we deliver and set up your technology, but we can offer on-site technicians to troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
Breakout Room AV Equipment Rentals

Breakout Room AV Equipment Rentals

When putting together a large-scale meeting, it can be a hassle to try to acquire the large amount of audio visual equipment needed for all the breakout rooms. Compounded with other logistical challenges, things can quickly become overwhelming. A Tech Travel Agent can help!
Event Registration Equipment Rental

Event Registration Equipment Rentals

Want to keep tabs on guest registration but have a million other things to do? Rentacomputer.com will take care of the fine details: our PCs, laptops, tablets and kiosks are perfect for user registration, and displays and printers are available for badge printing.