Trade Show Equipment Rentals

A single phone call to our agents can supply you with all of the technology you could possibly need to set up your trade show booth, from audio-visual technology to pipe and drapery, to kiosks.

Trade Show Equipment Rentals

Trade Show Equipment Rentals

A great trade show relies on cutting-edge technologies to showcase industry innovations and keep attendees engaged. Planning a successful trade show means figuring out which technologies are the best fit for your event, trying to coordinate deliveries and planning for any complications that may arise. There are many situations to plan for and trying to account for every scenario can quickly become a time-consuming task. has handled technology rentals for thousands of trade shows, and understands the unique challenges faced by organizers when it comes to sourcing the best technologies. Our experienced technology rental agents will learn about your event and help you choose the most fitting equipment. We will also work to coordinate an on-time delivery and can even help with set up and configuration.


Display Rentals for Trade Shows

Display Rentals

Our display rentals come in some many sizes. Large formats are ideal for large events such as conferences, and our agents can get the right format for your needs delivered to your conference and set up.
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Projector Rentals for Trade Shows

Projector Rentals

If you're planning to exhibit at a trade show or convention in the near future and you're looking for a way to spruce up your exhibit and attract attention, a projector rental might be the way to go.
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Kiosk Rentals for Trade Shows

Kiosk Rentals

A great way to have interaction with trade show attendees is to get a kiosk rental! With a kiosk, attendees can fill out surveys, look at your companies website, and so much more.
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Nationwide Computer Rentals Available

For over 30 years, has specialized in providing technology and PC & AV equipment for temporary business and event needs across the United States - including desktop rentals. At Rentacomputer, we are capable of providing Apple and Windows All-in-Ones, Mac Pros, Windows Workstation rigs, and heavy-duty Windows gaming desktops equipped with RTX capable graphics cards all across the US including the following cities:

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