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Whether you need a short throw, HD, rear projection or a 10,000 lumen projector for a large venue, we've got you covered. provides projectors at affordable rental rates nationwide for large business events and small presentations. Even private film screenings! is your one source for AV rental equipment.

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Projector Rentals

Why should you rent a projector?

When you need to spruce up your presentation or screening, projector rentals from are your best bet:

  • Standard projectors rent for an average of $165 per unit.
  • Projector rentals are available daily, weekly, and monthly.
  • Projection screens and other equipment combinations available.
  • Projector rentals are either hand delivered or shipped nationwide!
  • From 2,000 lumen to 10,000+ lumen projectors
  • Short throw and rear projection available.
  • Large venue projector rentals avaliable with onsite technicians.

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High Definition Projector Rentals

If you need to present video that is quality contingent, and requires sharp and vibrant video quality to really impress your audience or get your message to them, then you need a high definition projector rental. Whether your audience is small or large, our agents can get you the right kind of high definition projector rental for you.

Short Throw Projector Rentals

Short-Throw projectors are great for precisely what their name implies, projecting large and clear images from very short distances. Being able to do this makes short-throw projector rentals ideal for projecting in small and intimate settings, like many common business meeting rooms.

Projector Rentals for Powerpoint Presentations

Powerpoint Projector Rentals
A Powerpoint projector is essentially a projector that is optimized for connecting to a computer and showing a Powerpoint presentation. These types of projectors are great for making business reports and presentations, or giving a lecture on any topic. can offer you several types of Powerpoint projector rentals to impress your audience with.

Laser Projector Rentals also offers laser projector rentals! These projectors require less maintenance, are far more reliable and present near instant on/off with full brightness. We offer models from 4K up to 12K, and a range of lenses for our 8K and 12K projectors to satisfy your projector needs.

Projector Rental Equipment

  • Standard Projector Rentals

    Short thrown, long thrown, rear projection, and more. We have projectors to fit every need and venue.

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