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Office Equipment RENTALS

Business conferences, trade shows corporate events — they all require office equipment, and lots of it. With a wide range of office equipment rentals available, Rentacomputer.com has copiers, scanners, video conference equipment, and any other type of rental office equipment you may need for an event.

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Office Equipment Rentals for Businesses and Events

Office Equipment Rentals for Businesses and Events

Trade shows, business projects, conventions, corporate events — they all require office equipment, and usually in large quantities. Planning for your event and trying to acquire all the office equipment you need can be a painstaking process with many aspects to handle and deliveries to coordinate. Rentacomputer.com offers a wide range of office equipment for rent and can help to make the rental process easy and hassle-free.

Our rental agents have years of experience in sourcing the best offices equipment rentals for business events of all sizes. They will work to understand your needs and events, and can help with everything from selecting the right equipment for the job to coordinating and on-time delivery. They can also assist with coordinating a wide range of event services, ranging from event engagement to on-site IT services.

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Office Equipment Rentals

Multifunctional Copier Rentals

From a simple floor model black and white copier to a high speed color multifunction copier with the ability to print, duplex, staple, collate, scan, and fax.

Laser Printer Rentals

Laser printer rentals, deskjet rentals, and multifunctional printer rentals from HP, Lexmark, Brother, and other companies are the perfect solutions to short term demands for increased printing capacity at your office, trade show booth, or other temporary project.

Need a fax machine rental for the war room of big legal case, for your medical office or to conduct international business? Whatever the need Rentacomputer.com can deliver a fax machine rental nationwide!

Scanner Rentals

We offer Fujitsu, Canon, and Contex Scanner rentals for all of your short term imaging needs. We offer low, medium, and high volume scanner rentals so you can digitally scan all of the documents that you need.

Copier Rentals

Small black and white or color copiers for standard printing needs or more advanced print jobs. Copier rentals are perfect for seasonal offices, trade shows, festivals, construction sites, and other temporary workplaces.

Plotter Rentals

Whether you need the accuracy of a plotter printer for printing things that need to be precise, like architectural blueprints, or the large-format for printing a whole design on one sheet of paper, we offer HP DesignJet plotter printer rentals for your wide-format print job needs.

Teleconferencing Rentals

Having a steady line of communication is crucial for businesess of any size, which is why we offer Maxattach teleconferencing equipment rentals for all of your long-distance business conference and meeting needs.

Video Conferencing Rentals

Want to hold a conference but its impossible to have everyone attend? Rentacomputer.com offers high quality video conference equipment in the form of Meeting Owl rentals at affordable costs.

Card Printer Rentals

With a Zebra ZXP card printer rental, you'll recieve high quality images at high printing speeds. Our card printers have several features so you're able to create a variety of cards dependent upon your needs.

RFID Printer Rentals

Zebra RFID printers are great for tracking merchandise, and equipment. Our RFID printers are small and easy to use while delivering advanced features.

Paper Shredder Rentals

Needing to destroy a hefty amount of papers? Here at Rentacomputer.com we offer Destroyit and Fellowes paper shredder rentals that are afforable and are able to be rented daily, weekly, and monthly.