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How Renting Technology Works

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Request A Quote

The first step in getting a technology rental is to contact us. You can call, text, fill out a quote online or chat with a live agent. If you fill out a quote online during business hours, you will receive a response within 15 minutes guaranteed!

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Review & Confirm

Once your Tech Travel Agent understands your needs they will send you a formal rental quote via email. If you have any questions, or would like to see a revision, simply contact your agent and they will be glad to assist. Once you have thoroughly reviewed your rental quote, simply sign and return your quote and you will receive a prompt "thank you", and a confirmation, that your order has been booked.

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Prep & Deliver/Ship

Your equipment will be physically cleaned. Its software will be reset to the factory defaults unless you have requested an exact image or custom software, in which case that will be loaded and tested. Once your equipment is inspected to meet quality standards it will be shipped or delivered on time to your required destination.

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Enjoy & Return

Enjoy your event and your technology rental. Once your rental term has come to the end and your project or event is complete, simply contact your Tech Travel Agent to confirm the details of your equipment's return via a pickup by a Rentacomputer.com technician or shipment via a FedEx / UPS service using a preprinted return label.

Rental Features

When you rent from us, you get our best in class customer support services

Whether you are organizing an event or getting a rental for disaster recovery purposes, we want your equipment to be operating at peak efficiency so that whatever you are doing is successful. To make your experience as satisfactory as possible, when you get a technology rental from us, you are also getting our best in class customer support services.

Here are a few of the customer support services and features that we offer to ensure that you get the most out of your technology rental:

  • Local Delivery & Shipping

    We deliver or ship direct to your business or event location. Same day and next day services available in select locations.

  • Damage Insurance

    We offer damage insurance with our rentals. If you opt to purchase damage insurance it will help mitigate the cost of fixing or replacing equipment damaged during your rental.
  • Flexible Rental Periods

    We offer flexible rental periods, whether you need it for a day, a week or a month! If you need to extend your rental or return your equipment early, its no problem!
  • Software Imaging

    We can preload your software on your rental equipment, and even duplicate your custom configuration across hundreds of units. The perfect service for large quantities and training classes!
  • Spares & Replacements

    When you rent a large quantity of units we provide you with a spare units just in case something goes awry. If in the rare case you need equipment replaced, we will send out a replacement ASAP.
  • On-Site Techs

    Experienced technicians are available to setup, install and take down your rental equipment or to be on-hand to support your entire event should you need it.