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A physical server rental delivered right to your business is the perfect in-house solution for dozens of short term business IT projects. From application testing, contingency planning, data centre moves, and many more! Rentacomputer.com can supply short term enterprise level systems from Dell, HP, IBM and SUN, fully configured and tested at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels.

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Server Rentals

Why should you rent a server?

  • Standard server rates average $450 per unit. Prices vary greatly by configuration.
  • Server rentals are available monthly with discounts for multiple month.
  • Servers are custom configured to your exact hardware specification.
  • Server rentals are available in rackmount or blade form factors.
  • Server rentals can be preloaded with qualifying Windows Server, Linux, or SunOS software.
  • Server rentals have 24x7 support with next day parts replacement.
  • Server rentals are available from Dell, HP, IBM, and SUN with nationwide delivery!

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File Server Rentals

File Server Rentals
File servers are crucial for most businesses as they are the location where all of the shared company files and data are stored. When you need a file server for a large project or for other temporary business uses, Rentacomputer.com can provide you with equipment configured specifically for your needs and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.

Storage Server Rentals

Centralized storage is important for businesses that need file sharing and storage consolidation. Storage server rentals can cost-effectively address the challenges of data growth and offer versatile solutions for all types of storage consolidation from back-ups and archiving. In addition storage server rentals can help with flexible virtualization projects and high business continuity.

Rack Mount Server Rentals

All Rentacomputer.com rental servers offer great performance and high reliability, but rack mount servers have many advantages over traditional tower servers: Ease of access for mounting and servicing, increased air flow, increased utilization of vertical space, and or course lower power consumption than a conventional tower server.

Blade Server Rentals

Blade Server Rentals
The most important virtue of blade servers is their ability to save physical space as well as energy. Blade servers, as their name implies, are very thin in their physical design, which allows you to use multiple blade servers in conjunction while saving a lot of space. So if you need server rentals that require little storage space, Rentacomputer.com has you covered.

Tower Server Rentals

Tower Server Rentals
If your company is planning on setting up a temporary office, there is no doubt that that office will need temporary data storage and connectivity. Tower servers are ideal for remote, branch and small temporary offices, in that they offer low-risk networking, and shared internet access solutions. Tower servers are also easily scaled, so you can utilize your Tower Server Rental in a variety of ways.

Enterprise Server Rentals

An enterprise server is essentially a computer that serves the needs of an entire enterprise of users, rather than just a single user. Some businesses have used enterprise servers to run a general program under the operating system, and provides services for the system admin and other general applications. Rentacomputer.com can get you any Enterprise Server Rental you might need for a big project.

Mail Server Rentals

Mail servers essentially exemplify the role of a post office, only in the context of computing and electronics. They run programs and routines that are specifically designed for managing message sending and retrieval. Mail servers are ideal if you are engaging in tasks that require temporary use of email messaging for a group of people, for example, a temporary office.

Web Server Rentals

Storage Server Rentals
The need for a web server seems intuitively obvious once it is realized that a web server is what allows a user to access content on the Internet, and so its primary function is to server content. A web server also allows one to host websites, so if you need temporary hosting capabilities, a web server rental is ideal.

Database Server Rentals

Database Server Rentals
A database server allows you to house all database services on a dedicated server, which provides access and retrieval of data from other programs or machines. So if you need to temporarily augment your current storage capacity, or simply have a temporary need for storage, then contact a Tech Travel Agent for your database server rental.

Application Server Rentals

An application server is essentially a software frame work, the sole purpose of which is to regulate the efficient execution of programs and routines. With an application server you can develop a more concentric model, which certainly has its advantages for business computing. With a rental, you can test various concentric models prior to purchasing a server, or you can temporarily run your business apps on the rental while testing various solutions.

Replacement Server Rentals

If your server is temporarily out of commission for repairs or diagnostics, then you will need a temporary replacement so that you do not lose information or business.

Server Peripheral Rentals

We offer an exhaustive array of peripheral rentals for servers such as hubs, routers, switches, etc. Every server rental will need peripherals, and just one call to a Tech Travel Agent can result in a full ranged solution for storage needs.

Server Rental Brands

Dell Server Rentals

Dell Server Rentals
Rentacomputer.com speciailizes in renting Dell's reliable PowerEdge servers. From rack mounts and server infrastructure platforms to simplified management, Dell's PowerEdge servers have peak performance and enable accelerated workloads to unburden IT. Dell server rentals have versatile configurations and intelligent, embedded management.

HP Server Rentals

HP Server Rentals
Rentacomputer.com offers top of the line HP server rentals. HP servers, like the ProLiant series, are rock solid platforms that provide a complete infrastructure to support both your business objectives and your business growth.

IBM Server Rentals

IBM Server Rentals
Rentacomputer.com offers secure, flexible and open platform IBM Power series server rentals. Built to handle big data workloads by combining computing power and memory bandwidth and making it much easier to consume and manage, IBM Power server rentals with an AIX OS are business reliable.

SUN Oracle Server Rentals

SUN Server Rentals
Rentacomputer.com offers top of the line SUN Oracle SPARC servers for rent. With advanced security, high reliability, breakthrough integration and leading performance, SUN Oracle server rental with a Solaris OS can boost and transform your business.

Other Commonly Rented Computer Equipment

  • Windows Desktops

    Desktop Rentals

    Windows Desktop Computers, Windows All-In-Ones, iMacs, Mac Minis, and Mac Pros. Whatever your business needs, we'll get it to you.

  • laptops

    Laptop Rentals

    We carry a variety of Windows laptops, Macbook Pros, and Macbook Airs. No matter what configuration or quanity you need, we can help.

  • Apple iPads

    iPad Rentals

    We rent all models of iPads in all configurations. We can even preload your applications so that your device is 100% ready to go when you receive it.


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