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Server Rentals

A physical server rental delivered right to your business is the perfect in-house solution for dozens of short term business IT projects. From application testing, contingency planning, data centre moves, and many more! Rentacomputer.com can supply short term enterprise level systems from Dell, HP, IBM and SUN, fully configured and tested at a fraction of the cost of traditional channels.

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Server Rentals for Short-Term IT Projects and Other Business Needs

Deciding on a server rental can easily be the most important piece of technology any business might need to acquire for a short term rental. Not just for their all-around usefulness but for their critical role in business operations such as a data center relocation, application testing, or simple added horsepower to augment your existing infrastructure for a short term project, such as video rendering.

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons for businesses to get a server rental: for large-scale centralized file storage, file sharing across a local network of devices, or for use as a web server for website hosting or to allow users to access content on the internet through the server directly.

If your company needs a server or multiple servers for an upcoming operation, Rentacomputer.com can supply you with whatever short-term technology rental equipment you may need to make your next venture a success! Call 800-736-8772 and talk to one of our technology rental specialists, or click the request a quote button below and we will work to find a server rental that is right for you!

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Servers for Every Use

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File Server Rentals

File servers are crucial for most businesses as they are the location where all of the shared company files and data are stored. When you need a file server for a large project or for other temporary business uses, Rentacomputer.com can provide you with equipment configured specifically for your needs and at a fraction of the cost of purchasing one.

Database Servers

A database server allows you to house all database services on a dedicated server, which provides access and retrieval of data from other programs or machines. So if you need to temporarily augment your current storage capacity, or simply have a temporary need for storage, then contact one of our technology rental specialists for your database server rental.
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Web Server Rentals

The need for a web server seems intuitively obvious once it is realized that a web server is what allows a user to access content on the Internet, and so its primary function is to server content. A web server also allows one to host websites, so if you need temporary hosting capabilities, a web server rental is ideal.

Top of the Line Servers From a variety of Brands

At Rentacomputer.com, not only do we offer a large variety of servers to fill any purpose a company could need a server for - we also offer servers from a variety of brands in the industry. When you rent a server from Rentacomputer.com, you can expect a server best suited for your rental needs from a selection of Dell, HP, IBM, and Sun Oracle servers.

  • Dell Server Rentals

    From rack mounts and server infrastructure platforms to simplified management, Dell's PowerEdge servers have peak performance and enable accelerated workloads to unburden IT. Dell server rentals have versatile configurations and intelligent, embedded management.

  • HP Server Rentals

    HP servers, like the ProLiant series, are rock solid platforms that provide a complete infrastructure to support both your business objectives and your business growth.

  • IBM Server Rentals

    Rentacomputer.com offers secure, flexible and open platform IBM Power series server rentals. Built to handle big data workloads by combining computing power and memory bandwidth and making it much easier to consume and manage, IBM Power server rentals with an AIX OS are business reliable.

  • Sun Oracle Server Rentals

    We offer top of the line SUN Oracle SPARC servers for rent. With advanced security, high reliability, breakthrough integration and leading performance, SUN Oracle server rental with a Solaris OS can boost and transform your business.

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"18 years ago I started my own business and Rentacomputer.com was there to support me. Since then I have only had amazing, personalized service that has grown with me and the times. They have truly helped me become successful." - Steven F.

Server Peripheral Rentals

Computer Rentals

Computer Rentals

From the top names in desktop and gaming computing like Dell, HP, and Lenovo to Mac Powerbooks and top-of-the-line gaming computers, we offer the best equipment and services in the computer rental industry. No matter the model or quantity, we will set you up with the computers you need to work with and through a server.
Router Rentals

Router Rentals

Depending on the type of server you are renting and what you are using your server rental for, router rentals can be a vital secondary piece of equipment - necessary for computers to commincate information between eachother and the server.