HP Server Rentals

To meet the growing demands in an everchanging business environment, a HP server rental is your prime choice. With the power, performance, and low energy costs to meet even the most demanding environments, HP continues to be an industry leader.

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HPDL360 Rack Server Rental

HP Rack Server Rentals

Most commonly used in data centers for their low cost and easily configured to support a wide range of environments, rack servers from HP are typically powerful and used to run high-end applications. When compared to a traditional tower style server, rack servers are also a space saver with it's small profile. Without the need for a massive chassis, HP Rack Servers are best suited when you need more than one server, but less than 10.

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An HP ProLiant Server

HP ProLiant Server Rentals

One of the server series that HP has launched to accommodate this convergent trend is the Proliant series, which HP claims can accomplish consolidation ratios of up to 20:1. HP's Proliant servers provide energy efficiency, and various forms of virtualization, which provides for much more economic data computation and storage.

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A HP Integrity Server


HP's Integrity server line offers a high amount of scalability with blade servers, so if your company needs servers that allow for building larger data infrastructures, HP Integrity Server Rentals would be ideal. So contact one of our account managers for HP Server Rentals that allow you to build larger convergent models off of your rental.

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A server for storage


A physical server rental delivered right to your business is the perfect in-house solution for dozens of short term business IT projects.

A Dell PowerEdge Server

Dell Servers

HP servers, like the PowerEdge, are rock solid platforms that provide a complete infrastructure to support both your business objectives and your business growth.

A Cisco Catalyst Switch

Switch Rentals

For a wide variety of business-critical environments where scale and an extra degree of security, resiliency, and programmability is needed, witches are a great choice for your short term server rental needs.

A Synology Direct Attached Storage device

Storage Solutions

Whether you're looking for SAN, DAS, or NAS, Rentacomputer.com can provide an affordable solution that is unique to your needs.

DGX Station

DGX Station A100 Is Here!

The DGX Station A100 is a powerful supercomputer with a staggering 2.5 PetaFLOPS of AI Performance, 64 core AMD 7742 at a base performance of 2.25GHZ(Or 3.4GHZ with max boost), and a powerful and easy to use Ubuntu Linux Operating System. This system is so powerful, it has 3x faster average training performance than the prior gen. With the performance comes keeping the system cool so this system is packed with a state of the art Refrigerant Cooling System, whisper quiet, keeping your system cool at all times. To top it all off, this system can be shipped to you, unpacked, and up-and-running in less than a hour due to the perfect packaging given by NVIDIA. If you are interested in renting this system or need more information on this before deciding on a short-term rental, click the button below. Learn More

Nationwide Server Rentals Available

For over 30 years, Rentacomputer.com has specialized in providing technology for temporary business and event needs. Whether a client needs computers, servers, event equipment, office equipment or any other type of technology rental, our agents can obtain the equipment and coordinate all facets of on-site installation. Our agents also specialize in providing event production, staging and support services for businesses and institutions worldwide. Rentacomputer.com has worked with clients in many industries and excels at delivering, setting up and troubleshooting a wide variety of technologies.

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