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Comprehensive Event Services

Not Just Rentals

Along with renting the most up-to-date technology, Rentacomputer.com also provides a full range of event services. From on-site IT to event engagement, we can help you create a fantastic event with a lasting impression. We can even assist with software solutions, registration, and production — service is the cornerstone of what we do.

Our Event Services

Rentacomputer.com is more than just a technology rental company. We offer customer support for all projects requiring the rental and configuration of technology equipment, as well as a host of services including Event Production Service, Presentation Services, Video Production Services, and Software Services tailored specifically to suit your needs. *Limited service areas available for some services - give us a call today for a free consultation to see what we can do for you!

Aside from custom services, our experienced rental agents can provide support and guidance during every step of the rental process. From business conferences, trade shows and concerts to corporate training, we will handle shipping and delivery, configuration, and every other project-critical service.

Get Event Services Combined With Technology Equipment Rentals

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Custom Service Solutions

Event Production Services

Audio visual assets, staging, lighting, and sound greatly impact the experience of a conference attendee. Whether you are planning a business conference, a trade show, an educational event or a concert, Rentacomputer.com will help you plan a winning event.

Software Services

We offer custom software installation and solutions for any project. From preloading software on rentals to designing customized marketing software — we create solutions for your toughest technical challenges.

Presentation Services

An event or presentation calls for a quality camera that will serve as a reliable tool to capture high-quality recordings. Rentacomputer.com has camera equipment and offers services suitable for events and presentations of all types including graduations, conferences, presentations, product releases, streaming online presentations, and more.

On-Site IT Services

Networking, troubleshooting, system and equipment configuration — Rentacomputer.com has techs experienced in all of these areas, and more. Use us at your office, for your event, or to assist with technical aspects of your next project.

Video Production Services

Rentacomputer.com has a wide variety of cameras and accessories for video production projects. We also offer camera set up, configuration, and other event-related video production services.

Event Registration and Badge Printing Services

Creating and printing badges for your trade show or conference requires careful planning and coordination. Rentacomputer.com offers event sign-in, badge design, and badge printing services to help streamline the event planning process.

Developer Services

Whether you are developing for VR, a video gaming system or a tablet, Rentacomputer.com has all the the equipment you need to test your program across different devices. We will ship rentals in any quantity to meet your development testing needs.

Event Engagement Services

Ensure your customers and event attendees hear your branding message loud and clear. Customized marketing software packages, gamification software, and event-centered mobile apps are only a few of the Event Engagment services offered by Rentacomputer.com.