Event Registration and Badge Printing Services

Creating and printing badges for your tradeshow or conference can take careful planning and coordination. Rentacomputer.com offers event sign-in, badge design, and badge printing services to help streamline the event planning process.

Event Registration and Badge Printing Services

Video Production Camera Rentals

Creating a streamlined process for event registration and badge printing is one of the most important aspects of managing a successful event. Rentacomputer.com provides simple, effective solutions for both online and on-site registration for attendees, and badge printing services for your event.

Our experienced rental agents take the time to learn about all of your registration and credentialing needs, and work with our team of developers to create a custom easy-to-navigate event registration system.

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Custom Registration Services

We offer a full range of registration services indlucing:

  • Event Credential Design
  • Online Registration Configuration
  • Custom Registration Software
  • Badge Printing
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Registration Software Made Easy

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We provide custom software solutions that make event registration and management easy. From customized online registration portals to on-site rental technology, our rental agents will take the time to learn about your needs and deliver a cost-effective registration system.

Rentacomputer.com is dedicated to finding seamless solutions for registration and badge printing, both on-site and online.

Camera Rental Equipment

  • Security Camera Rentals

    Keep your business or project site safe with a security camera rental. We offer security cameras in many sizes for any environment.

  • Production Camera Rentals

    We offer Production Camera rentals for professional-grade filming and other creative projects that demand quality.

  • Remote Camera Rentals

    Rentacomputer.com offers remote cameras for high-quality event streaming and video capturing. Use a remote camera for light security, event streaming or any other situation where portability is key.

  • 360 Camera Rentals

    Capture everything with a 360 camera. With several options that include outstanding features, Rentacomputer.com has a perfect camera ready for you to rent.

  • Camcorder Rentals

    Camcorder Rentals

    Camcorder rentals are perfect for capturing high quality videos at your event. The compactness and storage of a camcorder make it a useful tool to capture events of any kind.