Elevate Your Tradeshow or Conference Event Registration with a Rental From Rentacomputer.com

When planning your tradeshow or conference, ensuring a smooth event registration process is essential. At Rentacomputer.com, we specialize in offering streamlined event sign-in solutions, designed to optimize your event planning experience. Our focus is on providing you with a hassle-free registration process, making Rentacomputer.com your trusted partner for event success.

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Optimize Your Event's Success with Effortless Event Registration and Badge Printing Solutions

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In the realm of event management, establishing a seamless workflow for event registration and badge printing is paramount. Rentacomputer.com, your event technology partner, offers comprehensive and user-friendly solutions that cover on-site attendee registration, as well as top-notch badge printing services.

Our seasoned rental agents dedicate themselves to understanding your unique registration and credentialing requirements. Experience the convenience of our tailored event tech solutions for smoother event management.


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Event Registration Rental Equipment

An Apple iPad Classic Tablet

Tablet Rentals

For either small seminars or large-scale conferences, you can select the specific tablet models and quantities that match your event's unique needs.

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Gaming Laptop Rental

Laptop Tablets

Renting laptops simplifies setup and reduces the logistical challenges associated with transporting and maintaining your own equipment.

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A Zebra ZXP Card Printer

Badge Printer Rentals

Renting a card printer is a cost-effective option, especially for occasional or one-time events. It eliminates the need for a significant upfront investment.

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An iPad held in a desktop table stand

Tablet Kiosk Rentals

Tablet kiosks are designed for fast and convenient self-service registration. They reduce wait times, enabling attendees to check in quickly and smoothly.

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Custom Registration Services

We offer a full range of registration services including:

  • Event Credential Design
  • Online Registration Congifuation
  • Custom Registration Software
  • Badge Printing

Registration Software Made Easy

We provide custom software solutions that make event registration and management easy. From customized online registration portals to on-site rental technology, our rental agents will take the time to learn about your needs and deliver a cost-effective registration system.

Rentacomputer.com is dedicated to finding seamless solutions for registration and badge printing, both on-site and online.

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We proudly provide audio visual and computer rentals and other event technology rentals for conventions, trade shows, training, businesses, convention venues, hotels, universities and more! No matter where your event is, WE can help!

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Tablet Rentals

Incorporating technology into your events offers numerous advantages, from increased engagement opportunities to reducing the workload for your event staff.

Tablet rentals seamlessly enhance event functionality. Instead of requiring constant staff attention for check-in and navigation assistance, tablets can be securely mounted on floor stands, wall mounts, table mounts, or other tailored enclosures. These options optimize space utilization while ensuring a smooth and stress-free event experience.

Our tablet rentals can be fully customized, allowing you to prominently display your event logo or utilize them as sponsorship opportunities. With their sleek design, tablets are also ideal for product demonstrations and trade show booths, enhancing attendee interaction and making your event more memorable.

An Apple iPad Classic Tablet
Gaming Laptop Rental

Laptop Rentals

Integrating technology into your events not only boosts engagement but also eases the burden on your event staff. Laptop rentals are a versatile solution, simplifying event tasks such as data management, document printing, and attendee coordination.

These rentals feature the latest technology, provide responsive support, and offer cost-effective flexibility, making them a convenient choice for streamlined event registration. Embrace laptop rentals to reduce stress and enhance the overall success of your event.

Card Printer Rentals

Card and badge printer rentals seamlessly enhance your event's credential production. Instead of requiring constant staff attention for badge creation, our printer rentals provide a cost-effective, user-friendly solution. These printers are capable of producing high-quality credentials efficiently.

Our card and badge printer rentals can be fully customized, allowing you to incorporate event branding or offer sponsorship opportunities. Their compact design and ease of use make them ideal for ensuring a smooth registration process, enhancing event professionalism, and making a lasting impression on attendees.

A Zebra ZXP Card Printer
Kiosk Rentals

Tablet Kiosk Rentals

Leveraging technology in your events not only offers increased engagement opportunities but also eases the burden on your event staff.

Tablet kiosk rentals seamlessly complement your tablet rentals, enhancing their functionality and durability. Instead of requiring a staff member to continuously oversee device operation during check-in and navigation, tablet kiosk rentals securely hold the tablet in place. They are available in various configurations, including floor stands, wall mounts, table mounts, and other enclosure options, all tailored to your event's unique requirements, providing an efficient and space-saving solution.

Our tablet kiosk rentals offer extensive customization options, allowing you to brand them with your event logo or use them for sponsorship opportunities. Thanks to their slim and sleek profile, tablet kiosk rentals are well-suited for product demonstrations and trade show booths, ensuring a professional and interactive event experience for your attendees.


For over 30 years, Rentacomputer.com has been able to assist businesses engage with attendees at events, expos, and tradeshows by providing quality rentals at an affordable price. Our account managers are also able to assist your company put on an engaging trade show or expo with our event production services, on-site IT services, event registration/badge printing services, and presentation services. We have worked with many different industries and take pride in our work. We offer trouble shooting, set-up, and delivery services nationwide, including the following cities:

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