The Gaming Industry

The video game industry is built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology. Whether you are working to develop a game, hosting an eSports tournament, or putting on a game convention, is ready to be your trusted technology rental partner from pre-planning to delivery.

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Gaming Laptop Rentals

Gaming Laptops

Gaming laptops contain a graphics card -- often NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 or an RTX 2080 and a powerful processor. Models, such as the MSI Titan and Stealth models, are perfect for gaming events, video editing, and much more. Request a Quote
Gaming Desktop Rentals

Gaming Desktops

High performance computers that have the industry's latest hardware, including products from Alienware! We offer several gaming desktop computers, including HP Omen and Dell XPS rentals, that are sure to meet all of your gaming demands. Request a Quote
Gaming Monitor Rentals

Gaming Monitors

You can't have great gaming without great gaming monitors. We offer a wide variety of high resolution, fast response rate, 120Hz and 144Hz monitors. We even have 4K PC Monitors to bring your next gaming event to the next level. Request a Quote
Gaming Peripherals Rental

Gaming Peripherals

Complete your event with gaming keyboards, mice, and headsets from companies like Razer and Logitech. Looking for that something extra? We also have a line up of VR headsets available! Request a Quote

What's new? Ray Tracing Capable Graphics Cards

What is Ray Tracing / RTX?

Created by Nvidia, RTX (ray tracing platform), also known as Nvidia RTX, is an interface for real-time ray tracing for rendering graphics. Ray tracing allows game developers, engineers, and medical professions to emulate the way that light works in the real world, tracing the path of simulated light as it bounces off objects, interacts with the properties of other objects, and how its hue can change over time or as it moves across surfaces - creating a more realistic image. Recreating the way that light works in the real world is resource-intensive, requiring massive amounts of computing power - and the GeForce RTX 30 series is ready to deliver a more immersive gaming experience for your next eSports tournament or rendering project. We offer the RTX 3090 on our Alienware Aurora R11 and our HP Omen 30L Gaming Desktop. Ray tracing is also available on the Quadro RTX card, designed specifically for engineering applications. Request a Quote
An eSports competitor at his computer

Common Gaming Laptops & Desktops We Rent

A Razer Blade 15

Razer Blade 15

This top-of-the-line laptop from Razer boasts the highest specs and slimmest design for rent yet. This highly versatile laptop is ideal to rent for any business or creative project with its light, portable frame, and powerful hardware.
HP Omen Desktop Rentals

Hp Omen

HP Omen is a go-to in the arena of PC gaming. These high performance computers focus on improved speeds, processing and memory. Get an HP Omen gaming desktop rental for your next big gaming event.
MSI Trident & Aegis Rentals

MSI Trident And Aegis

The MSI PCs are a popular choice for gaming desktop rentals because they can handle just about any game or program you throw at them. Great graphics and high performance are a hallmark for MSI gaming computers.

Tips Regarding Gaming Rentals

Gaming is Serious Business

You can’t leave your next gaming competition to chance by using outdated equipment or desktop rentals from just any company. Read More

The Anatomy of a Gaming Laptop

Gaming laptops are engineered to be the same size as traditional laptops, but with upgraded features that make all the difference. Read More

How to Plan a PC Gaming Tournament

Planning and executing a successful gaming tournament requires a passion for gaming, serious planning, endless effort, and the buy-in of the gaming community you want to reach. Read More

Nationwide Laptop Rentals Available

For over 35 years, has been providing top-of-the-line technology for temporary business and event needs. We've provided our gaming desktops, laptops, and monitors from coast to coast, from DreamHack in Anaheim to PAX East in Boston. Whether you're an eSports team looking to leave the competition in the dust, a developer who is looking to show off their latest game at a trade show, or a company that needs some extra power to complete some video editing, 3D modeling or rendering, our gaming equipment will provide the solution you're looking for.

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