Alienware Gaming Computers

A true tower of power, Dell’s Alienware gaming computer rentals feature bold designs and even bolder performance. Give your gamers the power they demand and make your next gaming tournament or event stand out with the sleek, easily recognizable design and unsurpassed gameplay that only Alienware can deliver.

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For unsurpassed power and performance, look no further than the bold, modern designs delivered by Alienware. With processors up to Intel Core i9 9900K and AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2950X, up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, and M.2 NVMe SSD up to 2TB, Alienware gaming desktops are able to deliver unmatched gameplay for even the most discerning gamers.

Designed to accommodate up to two graphics cards, the Aurora R8 boasts massive performance capabilities in the sleek design that makes it easily recognizable as Alienware gear. Looking for a gaming desktop that can support RTX? The Aurora R8 can even support dual-Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti cards.

Area-51 desktop rentals promise up to 16K high-fidelity gaming thanks in large part to triple AMD Radeon RX graphic card configuration options, like the 580X. Boasting the latest NVIDIA technology like ray tracing, AI-enhanced graphics rendering, and DLSS, the Area-51 will set your event apart from any other.

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Alienware Gaming Laptops


Hosting a gaming or esports event in a smaller venue? Worried that you won’t have enough space for a large number of desktops, monitors, keyboards, and mice? Do you need to change over from computer gaming to console gaming and back again throughout your event? If gaming desktops aren’t practical for your event, Alienware’s Area-51m, m15, and m17 laptop rentals pack the power of a desktop into a portable size.

Available with 15” or 17” screens, these powerful and upgradeable workhorses feature GeForce RTX graphics cards up to the 2080, processors up to i9-9980HK, up to 64GB DDR4 RAM, M.2 NVME SSD up to 2TB, and RAID0 options. Thanks to its 144Hz screens, the Area-51m series delivers smoother gameplay experience than other gaming laptops.

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Engineering, medical, and video production applications

The processing speed and superior performance that first drew the eye of the gaming industry have also led professionals to take notice of Alienware. With superior graphics, unmatched processing speeds, and massive storage, Alienware gaming desktop rentals and laptop rentals are an ideal choice for engineering, medical, and video production applications.

Quickly and easily edit video from your desk or on the go with the power of i9 processors. Process massive amounts of data sets and render photo-realistic graphics in real-time thanks to dual-Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Ti cards or triple AMD Radeon RX graphic card configuration options. With Alienware, the only limit on what you can do is your own imagination.

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What's New? Ray tracing capable graphics cards

Ray Tracing

RTX-equipped desktop rentals

Delivering more realistic graphics has never been easier. Whether you want to deliver a more immersive gaming experience for your tournament players or let your architecture conference attendees create photorealistic renderings, we offer laptops and desktops equipped with the new RTX-equipped GeForce RTX 20 series to help you create a truly unique experience for your users.

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Created by Nvidia, RTX (ray tracing platform), also known as Nvidia RTX, is an interface for real-time ray tracing for rendering graphics. Ray tracing allows game developers, engineers, and medical professions to emulate the way that light works in the real world, tracing the path of simulated light as it bounces off objects, interacts with the properties of other objects, and how its hue can change over time or as it moves across surfaces - creating a more realistic image. Recreating the way that light works in the real world is resource-intensive, requiring massive amounts of computing power - and the GeForce RTX 20 series is ready to deliver.
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We carry a wide range of television rentals from standard HD to 4K displays. We even offer touchscreen television rentals and multitouch collaboration display tables.

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