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Virtual Reality Headset RENTALS

Virtual reality is becoming more main stream than ever before! With many developers creating and demonstrating new VR games, photos and videos, the need to rent VR headsets is becoming increasingly popular! We offer virtual reality rentals at affordable rates with nationwide delivery. Smartphone rentals are also available in combination with VR headset rentals.

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Rent A Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality Headset Rentals

We have the VR Rental Experience and Selection you need

With Virtual Reality (VR) technology evolving at a rapid rate, it is quickly becoming a useful tool for many applications outside of just gaming. Renting a VR Headset (or an advanced VR Kit with base stations, link boxes, and earbuds) with Rentacomputer.com gives you a useful tool for business product demonstrations, trade show or gamification software, augmented reality or mixed reality training, or for technology demonstrations of many types.

Our technology rental agents have experience in the VR space, having provided rentals for large corporate events, to software companies needing headsets for testing, and to universities and other organizations for events. They will take the time to understand your rental purpose and recommend the best VR equipment for you. Whether you need a VR rental for training, software testing, or a product demonstration, working with Rentacomputer.com gives you the expertise and first-rate service you need to help make your event a success.

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Rentacomputer.com Makes Renting VR Easy

No matter your VR Rental needs, we have the experience and products to meet them. Rentacomputer.com offers a wide array of VR headset rentals from makers like Homido, Oculus (Gear, Rift), HTC (Vive) and Microsoft (HoloLens). Some of out VR rentals, like the Gear VR require smartphones, which can be rented along with your VR rental for demonstrations or other displays. Each headset has its own unique features and technical capabilities, which are sure to enhance your event or augmented reality demonstration.

We offer both basic VR kits and advanced kits, which can include wireless controllers, link boxes, base stations, ear buds, and more. A technology rental agent can help you decide whether the basic kit is enough to meet your needs, or if an advanced kit has the equipment you need.

VR Rentals

HTC Vive Headset

HTC Vive

Vive is brought to you by HTC and Valve. Room-scale experience, precise motion tracking, and a Chaperone guidance system. The Vive is a top-of-the-line VR rental for immersive brand experiences and product demonstrations with built-in headphones and intuitive controls.

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Samsung HMD Virtual Reality Headset

Samsung HMD Odyssey

Made by Samsung and Microsoft, the Odyssey is a fresh contender in the virtual reality marketplace.The Odyssey offers immersive worlds, with slightly less setup requirements than other high-end Virtual Reality options due to its new built in tracking technology.

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Occulus Rental

Oculus Rift

A pioneering VR technology, the new Oculus Rift S offers a higher-resolution video display than previous models, along with improved tracking technology, making it a great rental for events and product demonstrations. Learn more about the Rift S and get a quote today.

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Gear VR Rental

Gear VR

The Gear VR gives you the power of virtual reality with the portability of a cell phone. The Gear allows you to place your cell phone in the VR headset and utilize it as a screen. It is a great unit for trade shows, conventions, and product demonstrations. A Samsung Galaxy Smartphone is required for use.

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VR Computer Rentals

Gaming Desktops

Dell XPS and HP Omen desktops are high-performance, Windows desktop rentals. Equipped with high-end Intel Core i7 Processors, up to 64 GB of RAM, and NVIDIA 1080 series graphics cards, our gaming desktop rentals can handle any software your virtual reality headset rental may call for.

Gaming Laptops

While lacking some of the processing power of their larger, much bulkier gaming desktop brothers, gaming laptops are still computational powerhouses by their nature. Equipped with heavy-duty Intel Core i7 processors, NVIDIA Geforce GTX graphics cards, and unique colling systems, our gaming laptop rentals are perfect for VR-use on the go.

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