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Testing Equipment Rentals

Whether your testing software, knowledge, or a connection, our technology rentals can make it a lot easier and more efficient. Our rentals can have any testing software preloaded onto them so when they arrive, they are ready to work!

Testing Equipment Rentals

Testing Equipment Rentals

Running a testing center, whether for education or corporate training, requires the latest technologies that allow for easy test administration and grading. Tablets, iPads, laptops and desktop computers are essential for giving pupils an easy way to take their test and giving you an easy way to grade and record test records.

Rentacomputer.com has worked with hundreds of testing centers, providing the technologies they need, for groups of students both large and small. Our technology rental agents will work with you every step of the way, helping you pick out the technology equipment you need, coordinate an on-time delivery, and make sure every rental is set up to your exact specification.


Laptop Rentals for Inventory

Laptop Rentals

Laptops are great for administering and grading tests, and logging the results. Rentacomputer.com can custom configure any laptop rental prior to shipping.
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Tablet Rentals for Inventory

Tablet Rentals

A tablet rental acts as a more advanced notebook. With great accessibility, the power to run applications, collect data, adminster tests, and log testing scores.
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Server Rentals for Inventory

Server Rentals

When you collect a lot of data you need a place to store it. A server rental gives you the power to run applications, store data from testing sessions, and more.
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