Event Production Rentals

Audio visual assets, staging, lighting, and sound can greatly impact the experience of a conference attendee. Whether you are planning a business conference, a trade show, an educational event or a concert, Rentacomputer.com will help you plan a winning event for a competitive price.

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What we do

We know that every event is different and strive to meet your unique needs. Our highly-skilled event experts work to provide effective solutions and answer every question you may have. Our services include:

  • Equipment Selection
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Lighting and Sound Production
  • Expert Setup and Configuration
  • 24/7 Technical Support


Rentacomputer.com has access to modern equipment well-suited for any event. Some of our equipment includes:

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Event Staging and Rigging Services

Event Staging

Every event needs a safe stage. With access to the largest inventory of staging equipment in the region, Rentacomputer.com will work with you from pre-staging design to rigging, assembly and cleanup. With access to trained rigging technicians, your safety and comfort on-stage always comes first. Our services also include stage ramp barricade assembly, electrical wiring configuration and stage transformer setup. Our staging techs understand that every event is unique and fulfill your staging rental & production needs accordingly.

Whether a concert, a trade show, a business event or a trade show event, we will ensure the necessary equipment is assembled safely and ready to go.

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Event Solutions

Corporate Event Technology Rentals

Coporate Events

Our corporate event solutions begin and end with service. We work from pre-event planning to post-event clean up to provide you with the most innovative audio visual, staging, sound, and lighting equipment in the industry.
Concert Event Technology Rentals


Every great performance is enhanced with better lighting and sound. No matter what size venue your event is in, we will find the right stage, lighting, and sound system. Let our Event Production Rental experts help you and your audience get the show they deserve.
Large Quantity Technology Rentals

Fundraising and Non-Profit Events

If you are hosting a fundraiser or other non-profit event, let our team set the stage. We will find you high-quality lighting, stages, tables and chairs for the most competitive price. We will also match you with qualified techs to run lighting and sound.
Product Release Equipment Rentals

Product Releases

You've spent time and energy launching your product. Show it off to potential buyers from a high-quality stage with great lighting. Our equipment will help your product release event stand out from the rest.
Graduation Event Equipment Rentals


Graduations rely upon great sound and audio visual equipment to capture the moment. Speak with one of our trained staff to get the best equipment for your graduation event, whether indoor or outdoor.
Sporting Event Equipment Rentals

Sporting Events

Sporting events rely on great sound systems and audio-visual technology to bring the game to life. Our specialized Event Production Rental experts will help you find the best equipment for the game.
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Our agents provide consistent and progressive solutions when it comes to planning, securing equipment for, and executing your event. We know that every event is different and strive to meet your unique needs. Our highly-skilled technology experts work to provide effective solutions and answer every question you may have.

Rentacomputer.com provides a service-oriented approach to event planning, helping you assess your equipment needs and find products that meet them. Whether you are planning a concert, a keynote, or a tradeshow, Rentacomputer.com has a dedicated staff that is committed to ensuring you get the right equipment for the best price.

Rentacomputer.com provides the service and equipment you need to execute a winning event. From staging to lighting to sound, we'll get you there.
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