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We offer custom software installation and solutions for any project. From preloading software on rentals to designing customized marketing software — we create solutions for your toughest technical challenges.

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Software Installation and Services

Every computer, tablet, and laptop rental we ship has a specific purpose for the end user. will customize your rental so that the equipment arrives at its destination ready to serve that purpose. From preloaded free software to the creation of custom company-specific marketing applications, we will work with you to ensure that your rental has everything you need for your project or event.

Our experienced rental agents will take the time to learn about your event or project, making sure you get the right equipment paired with the right software, every step of the way. Whether you need large-quantity software imaging, customized marketing or branding software, or software support and troubleshooting, our developers and techs have the skills and experience to get the job done.

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Preloaded Software

We offer preloaded free software programs on all of our desktop, tablet or laptop rentals, regardless of quantity. Everything you need is loaded prior to shipping. Preloaded software is ideal for:

A custom designed screen for Sherwin-Williams

Custom Software Solutions

We offer software solutions for events and marketing, ranging from creating custom engaging marketing software to building user interfaces for booths and kiosks, will work with you to understand your software needs and strive to create a customized solution. also offers the services of experienced techs to configure all computers and software programs for your project or event. From software optimization to troubleshooting during an event, our software techs will help things run smoothly.

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Software Imaging

Sometimes, you need a large quantity of rentals with the same software installed — for training courses, corporate events, budget meetings, and other rental purposes. The task of renting several computers and going to each one individually to load the software can be time-consuming and take away valuable time during your event. makes it easy to get the same preloaded software on every rental with our large quantity imaging service. The process is simple. After getting a quote and placing your rental order, your technology rental agent will send you a laptop to load all your desired software and applications onto and send back. This serves as the “seed unit” for our techs.

Once we receive this unit, we can replicate all the software it contains onto any number of rentals— ensuring that everyone has the software they need prior to opening their rental unit for the first time. You only load the software once, and we do the rest, saving you valuable time.

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Windows Desktop Rentals

Windows Desktop Rentals

Standard Windows desktop rentals configured to match your hardware requirements with options for processing power, memory, graphics and more. Ideal for events and large projects that require computing power with a familiar OS.

Windows Workstation Rentals

Powerful Windows-based workstations from HP, Dell, or Lenovo with options for multiple processors, increased RAM, and high-end graphics. Great for uses ranging from gaming to business.

All-in-one Computer Rentals

Apple iMacs and Windows based All-in-one computer rentals are affordable, compact, and stylish. All the components are built into the monitor creating one seamless machine.

Gaming PC Rentals

High performance computers that have the industry's latest hardware! We offer several gaming desktop computers, including HP Omen and Dell XPS rentals, that are sure to meet all of your gaming demands.
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Apple Computer Rental Equipment

Mac Pro Rentals

Apple's most powerful desktop with 4 or more processor cores. An Apple Mac Pro rental guarantees high performance and intense processing with 8 - 32GB of RAM and state of the art graphics.

Mac Mini Rentals

Mac Mini is a smaller more affordable performance desktop all packed inside a 7.7 square inch frame with 8 - 32GB of RAM. Large quantity Mac Mini rentals are perfect for training classes, presentations, conventions, or other events.

iMac Rentals

The iMac is the ultimate all-in-one desktop computer. With the latest Mac OS and multiple screen dimensions available, the iMac is perfect for large events, and short-term professional creative projects.

iMac Pro Rentals

The ultimate all-in-one desktop computer with Mac OS. 27" Retina 5K display with 32 - 128GB of RAM. Apple's strongest and fastest computer yet, ideal for design projects, or other professional film or creative uses.
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Laptop Rental Equipment


Apple's most compact and lightweight laptop to date. The MacBook comes equipped with a cutting-edge, 12-inch Retina display, great for visual presentations or film editing, and weighs in at only 2 lbs.

MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro rentals are by far our most popular Apple computer rental. MacBook Pro laptops are available in various processor speeds and standard RAM configurations range from 4 to 16GB.

MacBook Air

Apple Macbook Air rentals are perfect for Apple users on the go. The MacBook air offers amazing battery life in a stylish, light, and powerful package.


Mobile workstation rentals provide the power of a Windows based desktop workstation with the convenience of portability. A mobile workstation rental is the perfect high-end portable rental for engineers and designers on the go.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft's first-ever laptop is the fastest 13-inch laptop ever created. A versatile laptop that can go from laptop to tablet in a snap. It is claimed to be twice as fast as the MacBook Pro.

Windows Laptop

Windows laptops rentals are available from all the top manufacturers. With configurations ranging from entry level to fastest i7 processors on the market. Standard RAM configurations range from 34GB to 32GB.


Chromebook rentals are perfect for both educational and corporate events. Chromebook laptops also offer a high level of security with the Chrome OS operating system.

Gaming Laptop

High-performance, Acer Helios laptop rentals that contain a graphics card, HD display, and a powerful intel core i7 processor. Gaming laptops are perfect for gaming events, software development, and so much more.
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