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Software Services

We offer custom software installation and solutions for any project. From preloading software on rentals to designing customized marketing software — we create solutions for your toughest technical challenges.

Software installation and services

Software Services

Every computer, tablet, and laptop rental we ship has a specific purpose for the end user. Rentacomputer.com will customize your rental so that the equipment arrives at its destination ready to serve that purpose. From preloaded free software to the creation of custom company-specific marketing applications, we will work with you to ensure that your rental has everything you need for your project or event.

Our experienced rental agents will take the time to learn about your event or project, making sure you get the right equipment paired with the right software, every step of the way.

Preloaded Software

Preloaded Software

We offer preloaded free software programs on all of our desktop, tablet or laptop rentals, regardless of quantity. Everything you need is loaded prior to shipping. Preloaded software is ideal for:

  • Business Conferences
  • Product Releases
  • Marketing Presentations
  • Surveys
  • Technical Events
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Custom Software Solutions

How we can help

We offer software solutions for events and marketing, ranging from creating custom marketing software to building user interfaces for booths and kiosks, Rentacomputer.com will work with you to understand your software needs and strive to create a customized solution.

Rentacomputer.com also offers the services of experienced techs to configure all computers and software programs for your project or event. From software optimization to troubleshooting during an event, out software techs will help things run smoothly.

Computer Rental Equipment

  • Windows Desktop Rentals

    Standard Windows desktop rentals configured to match your hardware requirements with options for processing power, memory, graphics and more.

  • Workstation Rentals

    Powerful Windows based work-oriented desktops from HP, Dell, or Lenovo with options for multiple processors, increased RAM, and high end graphics.

  • Mac Pro Rentals

    Apple's most powerful desktop with 4 or more processor cores. An Apple Mac Pro rental guarantees high performance and intense processing with 8 - 32GB of RAM and state of the art graphics.

  • Mobile Workstations

    Mobile workstation rentals provide the power of a Windows based desktop workstation with the convenience of portability. A mobile workstation rental is the perfect high end portable rental for engineers and designers on the go.

  • Camcorder Rentals

    MacBook Rentals

    Apple's most compact and lightweight laptop to date. The MacBook comes equipped with a cutting-edge, 12-inch Retina display and weighs only 2 lbs.