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The ultimate all-in-one desktop computer with Mac OS. 20" - 27" screens with 4 - 32GB of RAM and the best rental rates. Ready for any short-term creative, business event, or software project.

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The Ultimate Desktop Rental

The iMac is Macintosh’s most powerful desktop computer, equipped with the speed and power to handle the most demanding of creative, software, and business projects. Rentacomputer.com offers iMac rentals in screen sizes of 20”-27”. Or rental agents work to understand your rental needs and can help provide suggestions for customizing

An iMac rental is great for corporate events, short-term creative projects, video editing, and a host of other uses. All of our iMac rentals are available with custom storage, ranging from 32-128GB and can be rented with either an 8-core or 18 core processor. Our iMac rentals can be rented with preloaded software, or custom software, built to meet your business or creative needs. Talk to a technology rental agent today, to get a quote and learn more about our iMac rentals.

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Our latest apple Computer, The iMac Pro

iMac Pro Rentals The ultimate all-in-one desktop computer! With several different features, you can customize your iMac pro rental and select the amount of storage and the size of the processor. iMac Pro rentals are perfect for conferences, events, and day to day office work.

Key Features of the imac pro

The iMac Pro comes equipped with the latest industry-standard features, including:

  • iMac Pro rentals have a 27" Retina 5K display.
  • Available with the latest version of Mac OS.
  • Customize the size of the processor, 8-core to 18-core.
  • Customize the amount of storage, 32 GB to 128 GB.

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Rent Mac's ultimate desktop computer, great for any event or project.

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