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Conference Equipment RENTALS

For conference meetings of any size and for any purpose, a Tech Travel Agent can supply you with temporary solutions for acquiring the technology that you need to efficiently conduct your conference.

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Equipment Rentals for Conferences

  • HD TV Rentals

    HD TV & Display Rentals

    If you're planning to exhibit at a trade show or convention in the near future and you're looking for a way to spruce up your exhibit and attract attention, you can't go wrong with a plasma TV rental. Large formats are ideal for large events such as conferences, and our agents can get the right format for your needs delivered to your conference and set up.
  • Video Wall Rentals

    Video Wall Rentals

    If your video format needs exceed the limits that a single plasma screen can provide, then a video wall rental is the way to go. Video wall rentals are a great solution for large video format needs, which often arise when showing video for large crowds at conferences. Whatever size display you might need, our agents can offer anything from a 2 x 2 panel display to a custom format suited specifically for your needs.
  • Conference Equipment Delivery & Installation

    Conference Equipment Delivery & Installation

    Pulling together all the technologies needed to make a great conference can be a taxing and arduous task, and when compounded with having to handle other logistical problems that go along with conference planning, things can quickly become overwhelming. With a single phone call to a Tech Travel Agent, all of the logistical problems that go along with technology acquisition, delivery and installation can be made to converge into that single point of contact; thereby easing the stress that accompanies conference planning.