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Software development, VR, network infrastructure, and other technology-related projects require the latest in cutting-edge laptop, tablet, and desktop equipment. Coordinating the development tooling and/or presentation needs for training, projects, and conferences can demanding, which is why it helps to have a partner like Our rental experience spans across 25 years of the technology industry — from the early days of the dot com boom to modern AI and VR projects.

Our technology rental agents apply their extensive expertise in handling high tech industry technology rentals, ensuring you get the correct equipment, on-time and at a competitive price.

Regardless of whether your company is a small dot-com or a large software development firm, we will assist you with evaluating your rental needs, and finding the best tools for the project.
High-Tech Industry Rentals
High Tech Industry Technology Rentals


As a high tech company, where top quality products are expected in daily operation, its important to have the best equipment and the best advice.

Our technology rental agents have experience working in the IT/software development industries, making them great partners in acquiring the most up-to-date technology for your project.

Whether you need desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or even more high-end equipment like VR headsets or video walls, has access to the newest technologies, and will help ensure it is delviered on-time.

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Server Rentals for the High Tech Industry

Server Rentals

High Tech Companies often rent servers to test their software and hardware. They also frequently rent servers for scaling up operations for new clients, or when gearing up for presentations or events.
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Laptop Rentals for the High Tech Industry

Laptop Rentals

Laptop Rentals are common among the high tech industry for product launching. They are mostly used for training sessions and for application testing. Speak to a rental agent today about how a laptop rental can benefit your hardware or software projects.
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To learn more about how our Technology Rentals for High Tech Industries can help your staff, contact us today by requesting a quick quote or give us a call.