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A branded "swag" vending machine is a creative way to get attendees to engage with your brand, while also creating a memorable experience. will help you customize your vending machine rental to display your logo or custom company colors.

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Branded Vending Machine

A Unique, Branded Event Swag Vending Machine

Your booth is planned, the gear is printed and has been delivered to your office. The event is a few weeks away. How can you hand out your swag in a way that stands out and puts your product even more top-of-mind for event attendees, while also giving it a boosted social media presence? offers a unique event solution with new branded vending machine rentals. These machines live at your booth, or around any trade show or convention floor, dispensing branded items from a branded machine that stands out with eye-catching wraps and designs.

Branded vending machine rentals give out your company's free event gear in exchange for attendee information, or social media interaction. Customers and attendees enjoy the novel aspects of the machine and free gear, while you benefit from a more robust social medua presence, and greater idea of who your potential customers are, and what they value.'s technology rental agents will talk you through the rental process for vending machines, helping you add custom elements like branded wraps, promotional videos, and unique color schemes. When you rent from Rentacomputer you can have the comfort of knowing that we offer the best vending machine rental support in the industry Get a quote today, and learn more about what makes a branded vending machine a show-stopping event rental. With Rentacomputer we'll make your next vending machine rental easy with onsite delivery, setup, and support for your next event!
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Charging Stands: Event Rentals Great For Brand Engagement

Standard Features

Vending machine rentals come standard with a full host of features that are sure to meet your event needs. With a built-in photosensor camera and a durable aluminum frame, a vending machine rental is ready to be set up and start wowing attendees quickly. Other features include:
  • A wired internet connection with an ethernet port
  • Optional Shelves for storing merchandise and giveaway materials
  • A 46-inch touchscreen monitor
  • An Intel i5 Processor with up to 128 bg of Storage
With several standard features and the ability to customize your vending machine rental, and different configurations available, has the rental to fit your event. We also offer several other branded charging station options. Book a Vending Machine Rental
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A New Way To Connect With Attendees

Custom Vending Machine

A Unique Addition To Any Event

Renting a custom vending machine gives you an eye-catching addition to any booth or exhibition space. It is a great conversation starter that engages event attendees with your brand in a meaningful way. Rather than just handing out your company gear, make it a brand experience that will remain memorable for potential customers. Looking for a vending machine rental with the options you need to make your next event a success? Let's chat and find out how we can make that happen.
Event Vending Machine

Built For Social Media

A vending machine rental from gives you a unique way to build your brand online. Trade free branded products for social media engagement, via your vending machine. Every rental comes with an Intel RealSense Camera and full integration capabilities with Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels.
Two Vending Machine Rentals at an Event

Fully-Customizable Wraps

Rentacomputer offers fully customized vending machine wraps that are great for displaying branded material like logos, taglines, or graphics along with a custom color scheme. Speak with a technology rental agent to learn more how to customize your vending machine for any event.

Nationwide Vending Machine Rentals Available has specialized, for over 30 years, in acquiring technology for events and temporary business needs around the world. Whether our client needs a computer, audio visual, event, or office equipment, our top agents can obtain the equipment and coordinate all the finer details of on-site installation for your vending machine. Our agents at also specialize in providing event production, staging, and support services for businesses and institutions worldwide. has experience with a wide variety of clients from many industries and excels at delivering, setting up, and troubleshooting an array of technology. Check out our Google Reviews to see what our clients have to say about our proven track record of providing custom turn-key solutions for your event technology needs.

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