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Sound Package Rentals For Businesses Nationwide - From microphones and mixers to speakers and amplifiers, we can create custom audio packages tailored to your event and venue.

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Audio Package Rentals

Why should you rent an audio package?

We offer custom audio packages that are tailored to your event and venue!

  • Audio packages can be customized to your event needs.
  • From 50 watt speakers to 550 watts.
  • Audio packages are hand delivered to your event venue.
  • Stands, amplifiers, equalizers, DI boxes, and other peripherals can be included in your sound package rental.
  • Mixers with 4 to 16 channels available.
  • Microphone kits with handheld, wired, wireless, lavalier or tabletop microphones.
  • Our audio packages can be combined with other AV equipment, like projectors, laptops and screens

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Audio Rental Equipment

  • Sound System Rentals

    From two-speaker sound systems to complete kits with mixers, microphones, and stands. Good communication is simply better business--keep it loud and clear with a sound system rental!

  • Audio Package Rentals

    We offer custom audio packages that are tailored to the size and type of your event and venue!

  • Microphone System Rentals

    We offer high quality microphone systems with several different mic options including handheld, wireless and wired, and lapel mics! Our microphone system rentals are afforable and you have the option of renting either daily, weekly, or monthly.

Camera Rental Equipment

  • 360 Camera Rentals

    Capture everything with a 360 camera! With several options that include outstanding features, has a perfect camera ready for you to rent.

  • Camcorder Rentals

    Camcorder Rentals

    Camcorder rentals are perfect for capturing high quality videos at your event! Being compact sized and having 32 GB of internal storage makes this camcorder great for your next video projecct.

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