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In need of internet during your event and wont have WiFi access? We offer aircards, routers, LAN arrays & WiFi hotspots to keep you connected with internet service at affordable rental rates.

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Hotspot Rentals

When you need internet & hotspot rentals, you need!

  • WiFi Hotspots rent for an average of $250 per unit.
  • Aircard rentals rent for an average of $75 per unit.
  • Hotspots can have from 4 to 128 connections depending on your needs.
  • Mulitple carriers available including AT&T and Verizon.

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Our Latest Internet Hotspot Rental Product

Freedom Wifi Internet Rentals

FreedomWifi Rentals

A FreedomWifi rental provides a standalone internet option completely free from the in-house wifi or the 'Free WiFi' you get from event venues. The rates some venues charge for basic internet connectivity can be outrageous or they use their 'Free Wifi' tactics to secure and overcharge you for your other event needs.
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Why FreedomWifi Rentals Are Great For Events

Key Features

  • Bonds multiple LTE connections from the top U.S. carriers.
  • Bonded speeds up to 150 Mbps
  • Freedom from the in-house - NO venue permission required (FCC Part 15 Compliant)
  • Network reporting and analytics available
  • No last minute order penalties!
  • Deployment options available for multiple areas
  • Plug & play deployment - quick and easy setup
  • Unlimited Data Included

Other Commonly Rented Wireless Equipment

  • Radio Rentals

    Two way radios and Nextel/push to talk radios are great for keeping communication going during big events.

  • Aircard Rentals

    Wireless connection to the internet for laptops with 3G/4G.

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