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In need of internet during your event and wont have WiFi access? We offer aircards, routers, LAN arrays & WiFi hotspots to keep you connected with internet service at affordable rental rates.

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Event Internet Hotspot Rentals

The most common reason that our clients get WiFi hotspot rentals is for event WiFi hosting. While some event venues do provide complimentary WiFi services, often times this “free WiFi” is used as a tactic to overcharge for other event needs. Other times, in scenarios where WiFi is not complementary, some event venues will have outrageous rates for even basic internet service.

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Internet Hotspots for Every Use

Cradlepoint WiFi Router Rentals

Cradlepoint Rentals

Our intermediate hotspot, the Cradlepoint Hotspot, can handle 7 to 128 user connections. This hotspot is great small events or conferences and is available through multiple carriers including AT&T and Verizon.
Aircard Rentals

Aircard Rentals

Wireless connection to the internet for your laptop. Just plug the Aircard into your USB port and surf the web wherever and whenever you want to!
Verizon Mifi Rentals

Verizon MiFi Rentals

If you're looking for a hotspot to cover up to just 8 users then the Verizon Mifi Hotspot is perfect for you! With unlimited data plans available and affordable rental rates, the Verizon Mifi Hotspot is perfect for you and your small group of users.

Freedom WiFi Hotspots

Freedom WiFi Hotspot Rentals

Our top-of-the-line, event planning industry grade WiFi hotspot, the capabilities of Freedom WiFi hotspot rentals shine through in scenarios where a massive amount of users need to be connected on the same network. Freedom WiFi Hotspot rentals are scaleable for any amount of users, by necessity come with unlimited data plans, and bond to multiple U.S. LTE carriers with speeds up to 150 MBps.
Pepwave Max HD Hotspots

Pepwave Wifi Hotspot Rentals

With two embedded cellular modems and dual SIM slots, you're sure to keep a steady connection. For events requiring up to 150 connections with an unlimited data plan, the Pepwave Max HD2 is perfect for larger events.
WiFi Router Rentals

WiFi Router Rentals

We provide strandard WiFi router rentals for small-scale events that have wired connection ports available on premises. Our WiFi router rentals provide varying areas of coverage depending on what you need, and come with LAN ports for local device interconnectivity. If you need WiFi services for a small event, a WiFi router rental may be perfect for you!

Stay Connected With a WiFi Hotspot Rental

At, we provide WiFi hotspot rentals and internet router rentals for businesses that need internet solutions for events, trade shows, conferences, short-term projects, and other uses.

Since internet hotspots can be used in a large variety of cicrcumstances, our WiFi hotspots vary in capabilities - but don't let our variety intimidate you. We have hundreds of internet WiFi hotspots ready for deployment, and the ability to provide as many hotspots as your need requires. Perfect for businesses to allow their employees to remotely connect to the office while working from home, live streaming, or video conference calls! Schools can use hotspots to allow students to connect to their scheduled online classes. Our technology rental specialists are here to help you every step of the way when getting an internet hotspot rental! Give us a call today at 800-736-8772 or click the "Request a Quote" button below and we can get you started by identifying which internet hotspot will be right for your needs!

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Nationwide Internet Hotspot Rentals Available

For 30 plus years, has been the specialist in obtaining technology for events and temporary business needs. Whether a client needs a computer, audio visual, event, or office equipment, our experienced agents can obtain the equipment and coordinate all the facets of on-site installation. With the help of our agents also specializes in providing event production, staging, and support services for businesses and institutions worldwide. has worked with clients in a multitude of industries and excels at delivering, setting up, and troubleshooting a wide variety of technology.

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