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Verizon MiFi Hotspot RENTALS

Needing a hotspot for a small conference or event? The Verizon Mifi Hotspot stays powered for up to 24 hours of continuous use and can double as a charger for a smartphone. Hotspot rentals are available daily, weekly, and monthly!

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Rent A Verizon MiFi Hotspot For Internet

Verizon MiFi Rentals

Why should you rent a verizon mifi hotspot?

Verizon 4g jetpack rentals

  • Verizon MiFi Hotspots rent for an average of $99 per unit.
  • We recommend this hotspot for a low number of device connections - up to 8.
  • For events larger than 8 users, we recommend cradlepoint wifi hotspot rentals.
  • Unlimited data is available for our Verizon MiFi rentals.
  • AT&T service is available by request.
  • No long term contracts!

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Our Latest Internet Hotspot Rental Product

Freedom Wifi Internet Rentals

FreedomWifi Rentals

A FreedomWifi rental provides a standalone internet option completely free from the in-house wifi or the 'Free WiFi' you get from event venues. The rates some venues charge for basic internet connectivity can be outrageous or they use their 'Free Wifi' tactics to secure and overcharge you for your other event needs.
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Why FreedomWifi Rentals Are Great For Events

Key Features

  • Bonds multiple LTE connections from the top U.S. carriers.
  • Bonded speeds up to 150 MBps
  • Freedom from the in-house - NO venue permission required (FCC Part 15 Compliant)
  • Network reporting and analytics available
  • No last minute order penalties!
  • Deployment options available for multiple areas
  • Plug & play deployment - quick and easy setup
  • Unlimited Data Included

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  • Freedom Wifi Hotspot

    Freedom WiFi Hotspot Rentals

    If you're looking for a hotspot to cover an unlimited amount of users, the Freedom WiFi Hotspot is what you need!

  • Cradlepoint Hotspot Rentals

    For 8-128 users our intermediate hotspot, The Cradlepoint Hotspot, enables easy-to-install wireless connectivity.

  • Verizon MiFi WiFi Hotspot Rentals

    Verizon Mifi Hotspot Rentals

    For up to 8 users, The Verizon 4G Jetpack Hotspot will give your small group great internet connection without the long term contracts!

  • Mobile Broadban Modem Rentals

    Aircard Rentals

    Wireless connection to the internet for laptops with 3G/4G.

  • WiFi Router Rentals

    WiFi Router Rentals

    Wireless connection to the interent for any electronic capable of connecting to WiFi.

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