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Samsung Rentals

We offer a full line of Samsung products for rent. can get you the Samsung equipment you need at an affordable rate for your next event or project.

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  • Samsung Monitor Rentals

    Samsung Monitor Rentals

    Samsung is a well known leader in electronics from cameras to laptops, so it's no surprise that they also make very impressive computer monitors. Samsung makes both LED and LCD monitors, and their patent Central Station, which is an HD monitor with a wireless docking station.
  • Samsung Display & TV Rentals

    Samsung offers cinema-quality 3D & Full HD 1080p 2D, Smart TV with Web-Connected Samsung Apps, and Glare Minimizing Technology with its high-quality plasma displays. So if you need a plasma rental for any occasion, a Tech Travel Agent can get you a Samsung Plasma Display for your need.
  • Samsung Galaxy Tablet Rentals

    Samsung's Galaxy Tablet offers a viable alternative to Apple iPad rentals, being just as compact and lightweight. Weighing in at only 13.23 ounces, this 7-inch tablet is ideal for travel situations, and has full connectivity, and runs Android software.
  • Samsung Laptop Rentals

    Samsung Laptop Rentals

    Samsung Laptop Rentals are great for the on-the-go businessman who needs a lightweight, portable, sleek, and powerful machine. We have a variety of laptops ranging from powerful mobile workstations to ultra-light 11-inch netbooks.