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Asus Rentals

We offer Asus gaming desktops, monitors, and routers! All Asus rentals can be shipped nationwide and are avilable to rent daily, weekly, and monthly.

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  • Asus Desktop Rentals

    Asus Gaming Desktop Rental

    Asus's high performance desktops include features such as an Intel Core processor, spectacular cooling performance, and an NVIDIA GeForce 10 series graphics chip.

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  • Asus Gaming Monitor Rental

    Asus monitor rentals are perfect for your next conference, event, or gaming tournament. Displaying a full HD image with vivid color performance makes this monitor perfect for any work that involves graphic designing or gaming.

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  • Asus Router Rental

    Asus's dual-band router with ultra fast connection rates up to 900Mbps. Built in WiFi makes the Asus router the perfect wireless router for large buildings with signal range that reaches virtually any area.

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