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We offer a full line of Lenovo products for rent. Whether you need a Lenovo desktop or laptop for an event or project, Rentacomputer.com can get you the equipment you need at an affordable rate.

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Lenovo Rental Solutions

A popular name due to their ThinkPad and ThinkBook lines of business laptop computers, Lenovo is also a popular choice for desktop computers, with their IdeaCentre and ThinkCentre lines. Server rentals from Lenovo are also a great way to reduce costs by offering servers that handles today's workload while being easily expandable to accommodate future growth.

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Lenovo Product Rentals

A Lenovo A740 All-in-One Desktop Computer

Lenovo Desktop Rentals

Desktop computers from Lenovo are available for rent, such as the Lenovo A740 All-in-One Desktop pictured above. This computer comes with a high definition 1080p display, an i7-7700 2.9GHz processor, 16GB of RAM, 1TB of storage, an NVIDIA GeForce 930MX, and Windows 10. Pricing starts at $349 per month!

A Lenovo E560 Laptop

Dell Laptop Rentals

Laptops from Lenovo are a popular choice, due to the name recognition of their ThinkPad line. Pictured above is a ThinkPad E560 with an i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, 500GB of storage space, and Windows 10. Pricing starts at $154 per month!

A Lenovo ThinkSystem ST250 Server

Lenovo Server Rentals

Servers from Lenovo are user friendly and offer easy scalability, which makes them perfect for growing small businesses to enterprise workloads. With their flexibility and industry-leading efficiency, a server rental from Lenovo can handle even the most demanding of applications.

Looking for accessories to go with your laptop rental? We carry everything from webcams and microphones to portable green screens to ring lights!

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