Press Release 06-6-2009

Comic-Con Convention

Comic-Con at San Diego Convention Center RentalsComic-Con 2009 will be held in San Diego at the renowned San Diego Convention Center and will be running from July 23 - July 26 of 2009.  Comic-Con has been around since 1970 and is the worlds largest Comic Convention. Each year Comic-Con fills the San Diego Convention Center to capacity by bringing in more than 125,000 guests. Comic-Con is also one of the few conventions around that still sell out their show in advance. Even this year Comic-Con 2009 has already sold out!

Comic-Con is a convention that mainly focuses on comic art, films, and science fiction. Comic-Con is held in the massive 460,000 square foot exhibit hall in the San Diego Convention center. It is one of the most widely known conventions due to the major media attention it receives each year and is also the largest convention in the country. If you are an exhibitor planning to attend Comic-Con 2009 and are in need of any type of Conventions, Conference, or Audio Visual Rental then look no further.

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