Top Suppliers

Official Supplier Program

By John Beagle

The 'Official Supplier' designation means this is an exceptional supplier. The designation means the highest quality standards for being on time, with the right equipment and with properly trained installers, technicians and or engineers.

To qualify a supplier must have met all of these qualifications: Official Supplier
1. Technology Rental Business or experience - 5 years or more
2. Stock the latest technology in computers, display, copiers, sound and lighting.
3. 24 Hour Service Accessability with fast response time
4. Has highly trained technician staff
5. Recognized by at least one industry association as 'expert' in the industry
6. Professional, courteous, kind and fun to work with

If you're technology company is interested in working with in the United States, Canada or other english speaking country please contact us at or call 800-736-8772 x316.