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5 Subtle Details that Differentiate a Good Technology Rental Company

Small Details, Big Results

By Raj Jain

When choosing a Technology Rental Provider, many customers feel all Rental Companies carry the same hardware. Thus, there decision is based on an apple to apple comparison of the same hardware. In reality, there are many important factors that differentiate a good rental company.

To ensure your event is perfect and hassle-free look for a provider that takes into account these small details:
  1. Charges all Mobile Devices to at least 75%+ before delivery of product.
  2. Includes spare hardware and accessories with each rental.
  3. Ensures all software loaded is updated and activated for use.
  4. Activates Data Plans if purchased before the rental arrives.
  5. Includes return labels pre-packed for all shipping containers.
Following these small details will ensure a Big Result for you Event. With over 25 years of experience, the professionals at Rentacomputer.com can assist you today in making your event flawless.

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