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A Tech Travel Agent is your "One Point of Contact" for Rugged Laptop Computer Rentals Rugged laptops for any type of situation. Microsoft Windows 7 - The aesthetics of Windows Vista, as well as the reliability and usability of XP, fused into a single operating system Have your company software preloaded on every machine. When you get your laptop, it will be ready to go. A Tech Travel Agent is your one point of contact for all rugged laptop rentals.

Rugged Laptop Computer Rentals

Client Comments:

"Your website was so easy to maneuver and find what I was looking for. I’ll definitely be keeping you in mind for my future laptop rentals!" - Mica from Indianapolis
"Perfect, thank you for the quick turnaround on our additional 15 laptop rentals. Four-stars for you!" - Alicia S. from Texas
"Many thanks for your help with our presentation rentals. The laptop and projector were a great combination! We do a lot of renting around this time of year, so we will be in touch" - Isaac V. from Chicago
Rugged Laptop Rental

Why Rent a Rugged Laptop?

In some industries, usually with on-site requirements in demanding environments, a simple laptop just wont cut it. In these situations, you need a heavy duty laptop that will survive out in the field. These types of laptops are designed and engineered to withstand the harshest environments and professions.

Rugged Toughbook Laptop Rentals

Withstand Harsh Environments

That includes drops, spills, dust, extreme temperatures, glare, grime and more. All rugged laptop rentals feature enhanced durability and performance. Don't risk your standard laptop in these environments. Some of our fully-rugged laptops are even capable of being dropped from six feet without being damaged!

Rugged Durabook Laptop Rentals for Harsh Environments

Various Brands & Degrees of Ruggedness

Ranging from military grade (Fully Rugged) to flexible, business-ready solutions (Semi-Rugged), has a vast array of rugged laptop products and brand rentals to choose from. We offer popular rugged brands like Panasonic Toughbooks, Durabooks, Itronix GoBooks, and models by Getac, Dell and Toshiba.

What Makes a Laptop Rugged

Most rugged laptops offer most of the following features:
  • Metal Alloy Casing: Heavy-duty casing, which provides extra protection against bumps, jolts, and falls.
  • Tempered Glass Displays: Stronger display to prevent cracking or splintering.
  • Outdoor-Readable Displays: Screens designed to be read indoors or out.
  • Rigorous Testing: Test equipment against drops, shock, moisture, dust, exposure to extreme temperatures, and more.
  • Shock-Mounted Hard Drive: Internal hard drives are mounted in shock-absorbing compounds, which protect the drive from the impact of a fall or jolt.
  • Spill and Dust Resistance: Sealants prevent liquid and dust from getting through the cracks in the keyboard and touchpad.
  • No Fan: Unique case construction allows it to work without a fan or vents which can expose internal components to dust and dirt.
  • Sealed Ports and Slots: Unique sealing to protect vulnerable areas where liquid and dust could easily enter, such as PC card slots.