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Digital Signs are now available from your Tech Travel Agent at Rentacomputer.com for rental and lease!

Book a Digital Sign For Your Next Event Anywhere In The World.Digital Signage is a broad term encompassing a wide range of uses and technologies, but all cases Digital Signage refers to electronically controlled signs. Digital Signs differ from traditional signs whose content must developed, planned, and usually then painted on.  Digital signs are different in that their content can be quickly updated without the costly and time consuming efforts of a traditional sign.  This unique feature lets you create dynamic content easily and effectively while at the same time reducing costs.  The signs themselves can be a typical LED scrolling display, a Plasma display or even a large screen LCD display, all of which are computer controlled and available with a complete range of mounting options.

Digital Sign Rentals are great for any event where there is a need for a dynamic display to reach a large audience.  This is where Digital Signs excel.  Digital Signs can be custom tailored with any type of advertising content you wish, including news, financial information, specials, event listings, or upcoming events. Digital Signs were once found only in the largest venues and most upscale events. Digital Signs are now available for rental at a mere fraction of the purchase price and can be delivered right to your event or trade show anywhere in the country. So the next time you need to get your message out at a Fund Raiser, Trade Show, Corporate Event, or any type of special event for your organization, remember your Tech Travel Agent with Rentacomputer.com has a Digital Signage solution that’s cost effective, easy to order, and right for you.

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