Tips to Consider When Renting for Events

Will you or your company be exhibiting at or planning to host a trade show or event this fall?Event Rental Tips Want to really impress attendees and leave a lasting impression?  If so, remember your Tech Travel agent at has a full line of Event Rental Services.

Below are a few Tips for Event Rentals to consider before your next event:

With the complexity and risk of traveling with expensive technology such as computer and audio visual equipment play it safe and book your technology needs with a Tech Travel Agent. Any hardware you need for your show or event can be delivered right to your booth or conference room and set up by trained professionals.

If you have put off exhibiting at a trade show because your display is old, in poor repair, or because you simply don’t own one, then just give your tech travel agent a call. Our event rental inventory includes trade show displays, as well as a full complement of computer and audio video hardware such as floor or wall mounted large screen plasma displays or a professional grade public address system.

If you are planning a large event, you may want to consider a Video Wall rental or a large venue projector to get your message or marketing material out to a large audience. A video wall rental can be configured by using large screen plasma displays arranged in a seamless matrix as large as 5 x 5 and a large venue projector can display an image large enough for thousands of viewers.

If you are thinking of a large corporate or community event in a location that is not permanently set up for your venue, then consider a stage rental. With a stage rental, including, lighting, sound, and rigging, you can hold your event literally anywhere in the country since all of your infrastructure is delivered right to you.

Remember, our Tech Travel Agents want to help! So, when planning your next trade show exhibit, training class, or special event, be sure to check with us first and learn how our short term Event Rental Service can save you both time and money. Remember our Tech Travel Agents have on average 15 years of experience to help make your event the best it can be.

To stay up with the latest in Event Rental News check out our Computer Rental Blog for Corporate Events or here to obtain a quote or more information on an Event Rental.

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