Four rules to remember when flying with your laptop

Protect Your Laptop At The Airport
Carrying a laptop through an airport should not have to be a troublesome experience. If you follow some simple rules you should have no trouble at all getting your laptop onto the plane and not have to worry about your laptop being lost or confiscated.

Rule #1 Make sure you have the proper security measures in place
An airport is one of the most popular places for a laptop to be stolen. No matter how well you guard your laptop there is always a chance a thief will steal it. So the best action to take here is to have a plan if this happens. Make sure to back up all of your files and have some security measure in place on your laptop to make sure thieves cannot access your personal files on your laptop. When backing up your files I would recommend an external hard drive. It is quick, easy and only costs around $100.

Rule #2 Do not argue with security about your laptop
Airport Security is allowed to confiscate your laptop at any time with no questions asked. If they ask for your laptop all you can do is politely hand it over to them without arguing. Arguing will only make it worse on your part. In most countries there is no need to worry about airport security stealing your laptop, I have not heard of a single person having their laptop "stolen" by any major airport security without a valid reason.

Rule #3 Going through security checkpoints
When going through a checkpoint remove you laptop from its bag and place the laptop by itself in its own bin. Some laptop bags are now being allowed at airports. If you are using a laptop checkpoint friendly laptop bag you may not have to remove the laptop from the bag. If airport security asks you to still remove your laptop do not question him and just do it. The last thing to always remember is make sure to not forget your laptop after going through the checkpoint. This is a common occurrence at airports and the best way to help make sure you do not loose it is to tape your name and phone number onto the laptop itself incase you do forget it.

Rule #4 Take your laptop onto the plane
You might be tempted to check your laptop in with the rest of your luggage, but this is a big no because chances are you will never see it again. If you are going to check it in with your luggage at least put it inside of a laptop bag, but even this is not recommended because people will be tempted to grab a laptop bag if they see one. The best option I would recommend is to take your laptop onboard. Almost all airlines allow you to take your laptop onto the plane. You will be told to keep it turned off until the plane is at cruising altitude, but after that you are fine to do what you please with your laptop. A new option that is becoming more readily available is Wi-Fi on an airplane. The Wireless internet usually comes with around a $10 fee. If you do not want to take your laptop onboard the plane I would recommend putting the laptop inside of your normal luggage case to make sure it is kept out of sight from potential thieves.

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