Delivery, Installation & Service to over 1500 cities worldwide Now available in 1500 Cities, a world leading provider of temporary technology, has now expanded service to over 1500 cities and convention centers. Previously, companies needing equipment in multiple cities needed to contact multiple vendors. Today a business has the option to contact one Tech Travel Agent© from to book event equipment and technicians anywhere, anytime for any length of time. 's Tech Travel Agents© book av and computer rental technology and manpower for 1500 business travel destinations, worldwide. Tech Travel Agents© handle all the details such as delivery and installation directly to your trade show booth, convention, meeting, training room, hotel, business location, or other venue.

Companies needing computer or audio visual technology at a trade show, training seminar, corporate event or conference only need to contact one Tech Travel Agent©. Only a Tech Travel Agent© can deliver seamless, multivendor, multi-location solutions at the lowest cost.

Local Top Techs, Local Event Technology Rental Equipment
Tech Travel Agents© work in local markets with local inventory and local manpower. With thousands of top-rated audio visual and computer rental industry professionals, your Tech Travel Agent© will get what you need to where you need it for as long as you need. Tech Travel Agents© coordinate the various technicians and engineers to install and manage everything including: laptop computers, iPads, sound, projectors, rigging, lighting, staging, pipe & drape, media servers and other event equipment.

Tech Travel Agents© work with the best, most qualified professionals in the market where the equipment is needed. Tech Travel Agents© have access to industry professionals from multiple sources in every major market. This essentially guarantees equipment availability and manpower to install.

Tech Travel Agents© have access to live updates on inventory and manpower, ensuring up-to-date knowledge of local inventory and manpower availability.

The "Green Event" Solution
By using a Tech Travel Agent©, manpower and inventory are already in local markets. This minimizes shipping and paying a tech to travel... which helps keep our planet green. Take the first step in making your next event environmentally friendly by utilizing the services of a Tech Travel Agent©.

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Competitive Event Prices
Hotels and convention centers charge a mint for projectors and plasmas. By bringing in competition, customers benefit with lower prices. Tech Travel Agents© work with multiple vendors in overlapping markets and have access to a larger local inventory and labor force than any single company. Vendors compete on wholesale price and product quality in all markets. The customer ends up with a better price from the best techs in each market.

Only a Tech Travel Agent© can deliver a seamless multivendor solution on a single invoice at a lower cost.

More Than Any Single Company
Tech Travel Agents© from have the capability to deliver more solutions to more locations than any single company on the planet. Only a Tech Travel Agent© can deliver seamless multivendor, multi-location solutions at the lowest cost.

About, established in 1987, provides technology and technicians on a temporary basis to business and government clients worldwide. Services provided include computer rentals, projector rentals, audio visual installations, staging, lighting, security cameras, networking and cabling. Clients include SMBs, major TV news networks, international corporations, US and foreign governments, movie studios, presidential campaigns, telecommunication companies, pharmaceutical corporations and nearly all fortune 500 companies.
PR Web Press Release: AV & Computer Rental Service Expands to 1500 Cities